JNLR 2016Q1 Cork Listenership

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The Cork figures show the listenership in the franchise is 83% down marginally on both the past quarter and twelve months. This book shows that Red FM, although at 126,000 which is an increase of 14% on the year is back 7,000 book on book.

It ends a bit of a run for the station having been on the up every book until now since 2014Q1. Closest rival 96FM managed a small increase book on book of 1,000. C013 also had a decent book adding 6,000 or 9% over the quarter.

Table: Cork Reach

 Year on Year Book on Book
 16Q115Q1+/-% 15Q4+/-+/-
Any Radio34283%34383%-10% 34683%-4-1%
Red FM12630%11127%1514% 13330%-7-5%
96 FM11428%11829%-4-3% 11328%11%
Radio 110024%8922%1112% 10124%-1-1%
C1037117%6416%711% 6517%69%
Today FM4812%5213%-4-8% 4912%-1-2%
Newstalk4210%4511%-3-7% 4210%00%
4 FM4010%4210%-2-5% 4410%-4-9%
2FM379%389%-1-3% 349%39%
Lyric FM184%143%429% 164%213%

Graphic: Cork Reach


Table: Cork Programmes

  16Q115Q1=/-% +/-15Q4=/-% +/-
06.00-10.00Colum McGrath3036-6-17%27311%
10.00-13.00Patricia Messenger434212%38513%
06.00-09.00Nick Richards4350-7-14%49-6-12%
09.00-12.00PJ Coogan6772-5-7%6612%
12.00-16.00Red Hits with Izzy565512%5600%
06.00-09.00The KC Show4033721%41-1-2%
09.00-12.00Neil Prendeville595635%68-9-13%
12.00-16.00Red Hits with Izzy59471226%61-2-3%

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