ABC Newspaper Circulation December 2017

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December is never a flattering month for print titles with punters getting into the yuletide spirit and having just a weather eye on the papers.  Although I did note on one of the certs that the online version of The Sun recorded 4.1m visitors to the site on Christmas Day, so perhaps is just migration.

One shining light this month was The Sun which was up 1,000 on the month and without any manoeuvring in the background with bulks. The Star was down 800 copies and the Mirror stayed static.

Surprisingly, and I say that for a paper that makes very little promotional/editorial effort in the Irish market, The Daily Star on Sunday was up 1,300 on the month. The Sun on Sunday was down 800 copies and as a group, the tabloids were down 500 copies.

The Sunday Times took a bit of a pasting in December dropping 2,300 copies or 3%. Again this drop was in the trade and not a remodelling of the bulks

TitleDec-17Nov-17Dec-16M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror30,95030,89134,50359-3,5530%-10%
Daily Record2462452581-120%-5%
Irish Daily Star46,51247,34948,395-837-1,883-2%-4%
The Sun55,93154,87055,2691,0616622%1%
Daily Express2,3912,3472,44944-582%-2%
Irish Daily Mail34,24735,15142,990-904-8,743-3%-20%
The Daily Telegraph2,0781,9572,324121-2466%-11%
Financial Times2,3622,2342,395128-336%-1%
The Guardian2,1962,0262,416170-2208%-9%
The Times10,0209,9402,659807,3611%277%
Morning Market186,933187,010193,658-77-6,7250%-3%
Daily Star – Sunday15,32214,00813,9931,3141,3299%9%
The Sun on Sunday51,87752,79552,335-918-458-2%-1%
Sunday Mail710745742-35-32-5%-4%
Sunday Mirror20,62721,18023,052-553-2,425-3%-11%
The People7,8718,1228,670-251-799-3%-9%
Sunday Express2,7922,6882,6571041354%5%
Sunday Post44840764141-19310%-30%
The Mail on Sunday68,11769,36683,773-1,249-15,656-2%-19%
The Observer4,3174,1134,1702041475%4%
The Sunday Telegraph1,67915851,66294176%1%
The Sunday Times73,46475,80281,245-2,338-7,781-3%-10%
Sunday Market247,224250,811272,940-3,587-25,716-1%-9%
Total Market434,157437,821466,598-3,664-32,441-1%-7%