ABC Circulation June 2015

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There’s very little in terms of reporting this month. It marks the half way point and these will be the last figures to go towards the Jan-June 2015 ABC . Nothing would make me happier than to be reporting the six month figures, but we have to wait another forty one days until the Old guard deem it fitting that they allow us an insight into some metrics of their business.

We have no analytics data, circulation numbers on a shoe sting and the regional ABC’s (from IN&M) were withdrawn some years back as it they didn’t “resonate” with the advertising community. Oh this fast moving world…

Anyway. The Mirror and The Star are down roughly 1,000 each and the Sun was spared a four digit decline dropping only 360. The Mail shifted an extra 7,000 on the back of promotions.

That increase was balanced in Ballsbridge by the Mail on Sunday dropping 7,800. The Sunday Times had an unusually bad month dropping over 3,000 (or 4%) on the month. Nothing unusual about falling circulation, but that would be a little hefty and from the numbers here, there was no benefactor of that drop.

Market down 42,000 on the year and 6,000 on the month.

TitleJun-15Jun-14May-15Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 40,80947,70441,938-6,895-1,129-14.5%
Daily Record292417283-1259-30.0%
Irish Daily Star55,71959,75356,799-4,034-1,080-6.8%
The Sun57,95759,20057,594-1,243363-2.1%
Daily Express2,6382,8262,598-18840-6.7%
Irish Daily Mail58,94951,71451,5617,2357,38814.0%
The Daily Telegraph2,6482,7612,688-113-40-4.1%
Financial Times2,3002,3332,398-33-98-1.4%
The Guardian2,4752,7172,603-242-128-8.9%
The Times2,4612,2592,447202148.9%
Morning Market226,248231,684220,909-5,4365,339-2.3%
Daily Star – Sunday15,69319,84715,637-4,15456-20.9%
The Sun/NotW52,78254,82253,358-2,040-576-3.7%
Sunday Mail829869789-4040-4.6%
Sunday Mirror30,15134,76329,773-4,612378-13.3%
The People10,92113,31310,636-2,392285-18.0%
Sunday Express3,1743,5273,362-353-188-10.0%
Sunday Post9375178614207681.2%
The Mail on Sunday85,121100,04092,958-14,919-7,837-14.9%
The Observer4,6095,1405,143-531-534-10.3%
The Sunday Telegraph2,3762,5342,464-158-88-6.2%
The Sunday Times78,18786,59081,534-8,403-3,347-9.7%
Sunday   Market284,780321,962296,515-37,182-11,735-11.5%
Total Market511,028553,646517,424-42,618-6,396-7.7%