ABC Circulation August 2015

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The football Gods look like the looked kindly on some of the titles as their numbers were up on the previous month – most likely on the back of a culmination of the premier league, bigger games in both football and hurling and, least we should forget, the Galway races.

The morning tabloids all saw an increase month on month with The Star increasing 4,235 or 8% on the month. The Irish Daily Mail also saw decent increase adding 2,600 on the month.

The shining light on the Sundays was indeed The Sun – Sunday with a massive 15% increase on the previous month or a lift of over 8,000 on the month. It’s unique in the table as it’s the only paper (bar the Sunday Post) selling more than it was the previous August. The ‘quality’ section of the Sunday papers also saw a lift in sales and the Sunday Times added 2,000 to bring it back over the eighty mark.

The market was up 3% on the month but down 7% on the previous year.

TitleAug-15Aug-14Jul-15Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 42,26349,48841,236-7,2251,027-15%
Daily Record378528337-15041-28%
Irish Daily Star59,71561,40955,480-1,6944,235-3%
The Sun61,36562,06460,543-699822-1%
Daily Express2,8953,0162,778-121117-4%
Irish Daily Mail46,53846,12143,8754172,6631%
The Daily Telegraph2,8252,9692,737-14488-5%
Financial Times2,2812,2612,32520-441%
The Guardian2,6992,9362,604-23795-8%
The Times2,8742,6012,65627321810%
Morning Market223,833233,393214,571-9,5609,262-4%
Daily Star – Sunday15,73020,72716,194-4,997-464-24%
The Sun/NotW62,67957,22754,5075,4528,17210%
Sunday Mail8041,0051,050-201-246-20%
Sunday Mirror29,86236,41829,957-6,556-95-18%
The People10,96413,23111,451-2,267-487-17%
Sunday Express3,3503,7193,296-36954-10%
Sunday Post819557880262-6147%
The Mail on Sunday78,09593,35182,838-15,256-4,743-16%
The Observer5,0395,6584,809-619230-11%
The Sunday Telegraph2,5442,7702,366-226178-8%
The Sunday Times80,60087,47378,541-6,8732,059-8%
Sunday   Market290,486322,136285,889-31,6504,597-10%
Total Market514,319555,529500,460-41,21013,859-7%