The February ABC is released. The morning market is continuing its trend of a year on year decline of 10% and no sign of any floor being hit or a slowing in this decline. The Tabloids are down 3% on the month bar the Daily Star which managed to hand on to its numbers from last month. in the Sundays, the monthly fall is the same as the daily at -3%. The year is down 9% and you have to take into account that the comparative month last year was, in the latter part, pretty dismal weather wise.

TitleJan-19Jan-19Feb-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror27,29728,62830,183-1,331-2,886-5%-10%
Daily Record242239234381%3%
Irish Daily Star41,84341,72247,401121-5,5580%-12%
The Sun50,04252,12955,584-2,087-5,542-4%-10%
Daily Express2,0752,0272,35148-2762%-12%
Irish Daily Mail28,71629,30232,241-586-3,525-2%-11%
Daily Telegraph1,8051,9561,912-151-107-8%-6%
Financial Times2,1572,3272,274-170-117-7%-5%
The Guardian1,9082,1011,954-193-46-9%-2%
The Times6,2186,2966,815-78-597-1%-9%
Morning Market162,303166,727180,949-4,424-18,646-3%-10%
Daily Star - Sunday12,19112,40514,819-214-2,628-2%-18%
Sun on Sunday46,95547,37352,678-418-5,723-1%-11%
Sunday Mail617680608-639-9%1%
Sunday Mirror19,29221,24820,849-1,956-1,557-9%-7%
The People7,0877,4937,819-406-732-5%-9%
Sunday Express2,4872,6582,525-171-38-6%-2%
Sunday Post309317401-8-92-3%-23%
Mail on Sunday60,02161,06463,242-1,043-3,221-2%-5%
The Observer3,9783,9934,013-15-350%-1%
Sunday Telegraph1,4981,5021,570-4-720%-5%
Sunday Times71,48873,40876,923-1,920-5,435-3%-7%
Sunday Market225,923232,141245,447-6,218-19,524-3%-8%
Total Market388,226398,868426,396-10,642-38,170-3%-9%