JNLR Q2 2011 Local Stations

The local stations have varying penetration ranging from Highlands 67% to East Coasts 23%. But still in top spot is Highland with a fairly commanding lead.  The only real movements were KCLR up 7 points and ocean up 6. On the other side of that coin TippFM was down 6 points and LMFM down 5.    Station 2011 2010 +/- Highland Radio 67 69 -2 MWR 55 52 3 Shannonside 54 Radio Kerry 51 50 1 WLR FM 49 47 2 Ocean FM 49 43 6 Limericks Live 95 48 51 -3 Shannonside/Northern Sound 47 47 0 Clare FM 46 […]

JNLR Q2 2011 Dublin Figures

Dublin market whilst very crowded, it’s actually fairly static. In the list below there has only been two one changes in the order: 2FM down and Newstalk up.   2FM lost about a quarter of its listeners in the capital and is now firmly rooted, like Wolves last year,  to the bottom of the table. Actually, things are so bad at the station (and no offence is intended here) that they are only 37,000 listeners away from Lyric FM. The original populist station is fast approached by the specialist Lyric. Big gains for both Newstalk and FM104. Q102 will have […]

JNLR Q2 2011 National Figures

The latest JNLR figures hold no real surprise in some quarters. Radio listenership, whilst still particularly healthy with a 85% penetration, has dropped back a little on last year’s comparable figures. Radio 2011 2011 2010 2010 000 +/- Any Radio 2979 85% 3024 86% -45 Any National 1610 46% 1678 48% -68 Any RTE Radio 1228 35% 1299 37% -71 RTE1/2FM/Lyric 1208 34% 1290 37% -82 RTE Radio 1 873 25% 858 24% 15 RTE 2FM 404 11% 506 14% -102 RTE Lyric FM 107 3% 112 3% -5 Today FM 444 13% 477 14% -33 Newstalk 281 8% 260 […]

The real crimes of Social Media

I read recently that some marketing departments were “afraid” of social media and, in some cases, that fear could be completely justified either because of their complete misunderstanding of social media (SM) or (more importantly) the incompetence of the individuals left with the responsibility of chartering a brand through the sometimes choppy waters of SM. There are plenty of examples where big brands have really messed up. A recent example of this was Kenneth Cole when he (personally) tried to use the riots in Egypt to try and promote his “new spring collection” via twitter using the hash-tag of #Cairo. […]

Irish Newspaper Circulations June 2011

Seemingly if you’re a media owner with an abundance of titles and the poo hits the spinning thing, you simply throw the title out with the dirty water. And it will all go away! The figures below are BC – before crisis and next months will not reveal anything other than confusion as the News of the World was caned mid-month. It will be August before the dust settles. The morning market has little in the way of movement bar in the same direction it’s been headed for the last year – down. The Sun made the 70’s and the […]

After the News of the World Readers

They are circling. The UK Sunday Papers are planning to see that they can pick off the carcass of the News of The World with three newspaper groups actively perusing the papers Sunday previous buyers and readers. It’s going to be particularly interesting to see, firstly, the contraction in the Sunday market in the wake of the papers closure and, secondly, who will be the main benefactors. The contraction is, I think, inevitable as of the 2.6m NoW copies sold every week, many would have been a secondary purchase. That second paper may now be abandoned by many, so I […]

News Of the World – Hacking and Boycott

Without getting into the political debate of the News of the Worlds (NoW) latest lesson in distasteful journalism – “hacking” the phone message of an abducted minor, outside the public reaction is how this will impact on the paper from an advertising point of view. On the circulation front the buying public are fairly adept at letting the commercial wing of any newspaper group know that that have ‘erred’. You only have to look at Liverpool where there is still a large boycott of The Sun, 22 years after the Hillsbrough disaster. The NoW total circulation* stands at, as of […]

Group Deal Sites and SEO

Group Deal Sites and SEO Site Coupons Daily Deals Deals of the Day Deals of the Week Discount Coupon Group Deals Voucher www.5hop5.ie – 2 – – – – 22 www.boardsdeals.ie – 15 13 – – – – www.bonkers.ie – 6 – – – – – www.citydeal.ie – – – – – – – www.clicknsave.ie – – – – 1 – – www.couponmaster.ie – – – – – – – www.crazydeals.ie – – – – – – – www.dailydealsireland.com – – – – – – – www.dealrush.ie – – – – – – – www.dealsireland.ie – – – – – […]

Ireland Internet statistics

An amalgam of statistics here combining data from ComScore and Akamai, the internet network people. Looking at just some of the data that leaps out: Irelands very low average hours per visitor in comparison to its near neighbours. Irelands stands 5# from the bottom and is 63% less than to of the list The Netherlands in first place. The good folk in the Netherlands have, according to comScore, a high propensity to be on Linkedin and Twitter. The latter is most likely pulling up the time spent on line. Likewise we don’t exactly eat through the pages when online, as […]

Daily Deals and Coupons, some interesting research

There have been some very interesting studies conducted recently into the world of the ‘Daily Deal’ and coupon redemption. Perhaps one of the more interesting of these was conducted by Rice University in September of last year and again in June of this year. But…. if you’ve been tempted, have a look at something we cooked up, a daily deal calcutator  Their research findings are a fantastic guide to any business tempted by the lure of a daily deal. Whilst many of the business running these deals are very satisfied with the outcome, many are not. There are some parts […]

Daily Deal and Coupon Calculator

In an effort to try and bring some reality as opposed to hype Daily Deals, we’ve put together an interactive spreadsheet sheet to try and help you get to the bottom of the numbers. There are so many variables it can really be a bit of a nightmare. But hopefully below will at least give you an indication of how a potential promotion might do. There are a few items that you can fill in with certain levels of confidence and others that are very much picked out of the ether. One those, it’s best to try and err on […]