Web Development

This site is really only a vehicle from analysing media on a sporadic basis. However, that’s doesn’t take up too much time!  In the downtime I develop maintain websites for small to medium size businesses.

Many businesses are shifting more of their focus to online an I like to think that I help them in that process. All the site are built using open source content management systems like Joomla or WordPress etc – which ever CMS would suit the businesses best.

The rational for that is simple: Using an open source CMS, there are literally thousands of people a business can turn to should they require assistance on the website and they are not handcuffed to a propriety system where only a few individuals can help.

I begin by looking at a business, its current digital offering, its market and its competitors and what they are doing in the digital space. Then I ascertain what’s the purpose of the website for a business. From there I draw up a plan of what should be included in the site – the critical aspects of the business that need highlighting and begin looking at designs, layout, structure etc. The design element and the user experience is important, but content development is where I try the help businesses to excel.

Content is probably one of the most important elements of any site (I’d argue that it is the website) and it’s very worthwhile sitting down with the stakeholders to work on this.