Ian Dempsey is still pulling them in and added another 14,000 this time around. Unfortunately for the station the next three programme slots all lost ground on the previous year with the Louise Duffy Show dropping 18% or 26,000,  Ray D’Arcy losing 10% and Tony Fenton 13% to drop him below 100,000. 

TimeProgramme’14Q1’13Q1+/-+/- %
07.00-09.00Ian Dempsey Breakfast 189175148.0%
09.00-12.00The Ray D’Arcy Show218243-25-10.3%
12.00-14.30Louise Duffy Show118144-26-18.1%
14.30-16.30Tony Fenton97112-15-13.4%
16.30-19.00Matt Cooper15715610.6%
19.00-21.00The Mix Up2526-1-3.8%

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