Search Engine Ranking

ladderSearch Engine Ranking takes stock of where your site is currently. We analyse a site on a set of agreed keyword phrases and look at its performance and that of the competition.

The reports are very detailed but straightforward and give you an instant picture of where you are in the rankings.

The reports are best viewed after a few weeks once you have begun to build up some data. This begins to show trends in your ranking.

There are a body of people who begin to become obsessed with ranking checking it on a nearly hourly basis. The Optimisation of a site is, in the main, for the long term. Changes in your ranking on an hourly basis may have something to do with your site but are most likely, unless the change is massive, changes to the rank of other sites which kick you up or down.

Large changes in your site can be because of something you have done on the site. Perhaps you have decided to do something less than ‘ethical’ cloaking, link farm etc. In the case below it was a change on the structure of the algorithm that caused this quite spectacular drop.


This site moved from #8 to #86 in just 10 days. It wasn’t anything the site owners had done, it was an update to the algorithm that downgraded a page that ranked for a popular keyword phrase.