Responsibility for the Recession

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Some very unusual survey results were released by Harris Interactive.  Conducted in April, it surveyed people as to ‘who was to blame for the recession’, the results are reproduced below:

Advertising Agencies6660596575
Print media5951576167
Other News Media5651555462
Talk shows on TV or radio5548565359
Cable news programs5451525458
Network and local news programs5348535259
Friends and family4647504642

Two out of three Americans believe that advertising agencies have some responsibility for the current economic crisis (euphemism for “Recession”), wait for it:

because they caused people to buy things they couldn’t afford

I always knew advertising was persuasive, but I never thought it was able to bully consumers into retail outlets. The older theage  group, the more of them laid the recessions squarely at the fee of the advertising fraternity. I would love to see the same survey conducted here to see where exactly we vent our spleens.