Radio Programme Listnership 2012-1

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Now, before the stones are flung and the ‘OMG’s’ are uttered – let’s explain. In all of today’s major publications we have the analysis of the listenership figures. In all cases the analysis is April 2011 to March 2012, compared January to December 2011 – it’s an analysis I don’t agree with. Perhaps the ‘conventional wisdom’ is that comparison, but convention and at times wisdom are in short supply. 

Let’s say you are a major retailer and you are looking at your figures for a seasonal part of the year, say December. Naturally you are going to lookat the increase month on month, but the ticket figure will be the comparison of ‘like for like’ sales December on the previous December. I believe that the same analysis should be applied to the JNLR figures and therefore the comparisons here are Apr ’11-Mar ’12  to Apr ’10-Mar ’11.

Firstly let’s take a look at the top ten (and these are weekday M-F figures only). The domination for RTE is fairly obvious here

1RTE107.00-09.00 Morning Ireland 449456-7
2RTE113.45-15.00 Live Line41740413
3RTE113.00-13.45 News at One35033812
4RTE109.00-10.00 John Murray3343304
5RTE110.00-12.00 Pat Kenny3333267
6Today FM09.00-12.00 Ray D’Arcy 24921831
7RTE116.30-19.00 DriveTime2452396
8RTE115.00-16.30 Mooney226234-8
9RTE112.00-13.00 Ronan Collins223233-10
10Today FM07.00-09.00 Ian Dempsey18316617

Just for the record, it interesting to see the individual stations and their line-up’s     

07.00-09.00 Morning Ireland 449456-7
09.00-10.00 John Murray3343304
10.00-12.00 Pat Kenny3333267
12.00-13.00 Ronan Collins223233-10
13.00-13.45 News at One35033812
13.45-15.00 Live Line41740413
15.00-16.30 Mooney226234-8
16.30-19.00 DriveTime2452396
19.00-19.30 Sport at Seven 31274
06.00-07.00 Damian Farrelly710-3
07.00-09.00 Hector122137-15
09.00-11.00 Tubridy172202-30
11.00-13.00 Colm Hayes141145-4
13.00-14.00 Larry Gogan’s Golden Hour877611
14.00-16.30 Rick in the Afternoon120127-7
16.30-19.00 More Music Drive With Will Leahy1161133
19.00-21.00 Jenny Greene25205
TimeToday FM20122011+/-
07.00-09.00 Ian Dempsey18316617
09.00-12.00 Ray D’Arcy 24921831
12.00-14.30 Ray Foley151156-5
14.30-16.30 Tony Fenton1221202
16.30-19.00 Matt Cooper1661642
19.00-22.00 Paul McLoone2930-1
07.00-10.00 Breakfast1389939
10.00-12.00 Tom Dunne5254-2
12.00-13.30 Lunchtime66624
13.30-16.30 Moncrieff98926
16.30-19.00 The Right Hook1301237
19.00-22.00 Off the Ball48444

And finally – a pretty picture:

day parts