PPC Adwords Professional

As well as SEO and other digital activities we also advise and run PPC campaigns. If you want an instant hit or your business is in a particularly competitive space, then you might consider an Adwords campaign.

The budget and duration of the campaign is completely up to you. There shouldn’t be any over-runs on your budget as this is defined before the campaign launches.

Keyword Research: Establish the keywords that will drive business to your site. A trawl through your analytics (hopefully) will throw some light on this. “Long tail” expressions little used and most likely cheaply bid for expressions will be drawn up as well.
Ad Development: Once the keywords are established it’s a conversation about what’s going in your ads. It’s about trying to distinguish your offering from the rest of the heard.
Landing Pages: Each adgroup should have an optimised landing page for that group. This not only makes the click-through relevant to the customers, it will also have a positive affect on your Quality Score.
Ad Testing: Once we’ve gathered enough data for the individual ads and keywords it’s then you start making decisions on which keywords and ads to focus on. Conversion testing will really help that process.

Monitoring: The key to an adwords campaign is the monitoring, monitoring the bidding and looking at conversions

If you need advice on setting up an account or reviewing an existing account just contact me and I will be able to help.


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