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Pat Kenny’s figure is the one that everyone will discuss here. 98,000 listeners for a combined survey with Tom Dunne and an increase of 81% on the year. But, as I speculate here, there may be further to go.
In comparison to the previous survey, it looks as if it hasn’t exactly spilled over that much into the lunchtime slot and Moncrieff can’t really be a benefactor having increased survey on survey. George Hook is down slightly on the year and Off the Ball made somewhat of a comeback.
The graphic below does show that there is a bit of a ‘sling shot’ from Pat Kenny and lifting all quarter hour slots until about 4:00pm.

07.00-10.00Breakfast Newstalk12612154%
10.00-12.30Pat Kenny (TD)*Newstalk96534381%
16.30-19.00The Right HookNewstalk130131-1-1%
19.00-22.00Off the BallNewstalk4339410%

Newstalk 2013 Q4

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