It’s was by far the biggest winner this time out (comparing like with like) gaining 27,000 is breakfast. Pat Kenny figure look flattering – but it’s not a direct comparison. Actually all the programmes made contributions to the gains made nationally.

The only faller was George Hook who lost 11,000. But the next trick would be to maintain the momentum that Pat Kenny gave the station – easier said than done. For my money I’d opt for the finesse that’s Michael Murphy – double him up with PK from 9.30 (so what if it sounds familiar) and when he’s not on air he could coach broadcasting staff on continuity and news reading.

Time Programme14Q213Q2+/-+/-
07.00-10.00Breakfast 1471202722.5%
10.00-12.30*Pat Kenny1345579143.6%
16.30-19.00The Right Hook123134-11-8.2%
19.00-22.00Off the Ball4641512.2%

Nt nat qs


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