Newstalk Listnership 2013_2

Newstalk would have to be happy with the individual performances, with the Breakfast Show the only slot under scrutiny dropping back. Over the surveys the slot has been a myriad of musical chairs and thus different individuals trying to make their mark. On the bright site both Moncrieff and Dunne could be call to top of the class for a ‘star’. 

The station’s biggest draw, Hook, added more listeners and the debacle that was off the ball still hasn’t been decided. The programme dropped 15% over the survey, four months of which was with the new format – post resignations. So, they ex’s would have to shoulder a fair chunk of that drop.   

07.00-10.00Breakfast NEWSTALK120133-13-9.8%
10.00-12.00Tom DunneNEWSTALK5549612.2%
16.30-19.00The Right HookNEWSTALK13413043.1%
19.00-22.00Off the BallNEWSTALK4148-7-14.6%




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