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Lyric increased its listenership by 11,000 over the year with a big push from Marty Whelan who increased listenership by 41%. Niall Carroll increased his showing as well, but the rest of the day tailed off

07.00-10.00Marty in the Morning Lyric 41291241%
10.00-14.00Niall Carroll’s Classical DaytimeLyric 413838%
14.00-16.00The John Kelly EnsembleLyric 2729-2-7%
16.00-19.00Liz Nolan’s Classic DriveLyric 4245-3-7%
19.00-20.00Jazz Alley Lyric 1314-1-7%

LyricFM 2013 Q4

series 13q4 lyric