Lyric_FM Listnership 2013_2

The first item to note is that all the numbers are from a low base and can make the percentage changes look extreme. But is still doesn’t mask that for Lyric it’s a bad survey and to only slot making any headway is Marty in the morning. The quarter hours would suggest that the afternoon segment is suffering the most.

07.00-10.00Marty in the Morning Lyric FM343226.3%
10.00-14.00Niall Carroll’s Classical DaytimeLyric FM3844-6-13.6%
14.00-16.00The John Kelly EnsembleLyric FM3035-5-14.3%
16.00-19.00Liz Nolan’s Classic DriveLyric FM4361-18-29.5%
19.00-20.00Jazz Alley Lyric FM1217-5-29.4%


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