Affiliate Links

I looked at this before when I thought some publications were being a little disingenuous about their affiliate policies.

But, I am glad to see, that our friends at News International are being completely up front about selling their traffic. In an article on High street fashion the say

Want to know where your favourite stars’ frock is from? Fear not, every week we bring you the hottest celebrity looks from Britain’s High Street – and you can click through to buy them online straightaway.


You can click on any of the images which will, via what looks like affiliate links, whisk you off to the different retailers.

I’m actually all for print recycling their information on line and garnering as much loose change as they can for their work – even it the links are done retrospectively.

Product-Placement-LogoWe’re about to have a change in television programming there sensitive and venerable viewers will have to be informed if a product(s) have been commercially placed. Should the same apply here? Probably not, as it’s a bit too nanny state.


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