2013Q42014Q4Programme2014Q42013Q4+/-Ch %2014Q3+/-
06.00-07.00 06.00-08.45 Breakfast10012  100 0
07.00-09.00    136    
09.00-11.00 08.45-11.00 Tubridy1771522516%1716
11.00-13.00 11.00-14.00 Nicky Byrne140134  141 -1
13.00-14.00    80    
14.00-16.30 14.00-16.30 Rick in the Afternoon111122-11-9%1065
16.30-19.00 16.30-19.00 Colm Hayes103111-8-7%1012
19.00-20.00 19.00-20.00 Game On2021-1-5%191

2fm 144

Here’s the logic on the table. Many of the programmes have moved to different time slots, some are minor changes and others are seismic. So in the majority of cases any comparison would be futile. What I did instead is lay out the 2014 schedule and the 2013 schedule in (time only) and you can draw your own comparisons/conclusions. 

The only programme I’d be comfortable with a comparison would be Tubridy as it a minor shift of 15 minutes that seems to have worked very well.

In the original post I had a wrong figure for Rick in the Afternoon – It’s now corrected and it shows a 5,000 increase book on book for him.  


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