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2FM managed a small increase in their listenership over the year but the underlying figures show that a large tranche of their programmes did not do well.
Most interestingly, the slot that ‘took it for the team’ is the one that excelled in the figures – “Breakfast With Hector” adding 12,000 or 10% year on year. In the top thirty, only five programmes managed a 10%+ increase year on year and Hector was one of them! 
The ‘soldiers of the dawn’ did not desert their Captain, although it looks like the Generals did.
It’s no harm in pointing out that there are infact elephants in the room in case anyone hadn’t noticed and it will be interesting to see if this will be addressed in this long awaited shakeup of 2FM.

07.00-09.00Breakfast With Hector2FM 1361241210%
09.00-11.00Tubridy2FM 152160-8-5%
11.00-13.00Colm Hayes2FM 13413132%
13.00-14.00Larry Gogan’s Golden Hour2FM 8083-3-4%
14.00-16.30Rick in the Afternoon2FM 12211487%
16.30-19.00Will Leahy2FM 11111100%
19.00-20.00Game On with Damien O’Meara*2FM 2125-4-16%

2FM  2014 Q4

series 13q4 2fm