It’s a well documented game of musical chairs at this point where 2FM try and find a winning formula. The comparatives are weak in that case as the current programming is not the same as it was in the 2013Q1 survey with Rick in the Afternoon, Tubirty and Game On the only programmes that could be considered like for like. Nicky Byrnes’ show has an extra hour over last year, so the increase there is possibly inflated.          

TimeProgramme’14Q1’13Q1+/-+/- %
07.00-09.00Breakfast Republic124128-4-3.1%
11.00-14.00Nicky Byrne Show*1511361511.0%
14.00-16.30Rick in the Afternoon117107109.3%
16.30-19.00Driveby with Colm Hayes104107-3-2.8%
19.00-20.00Game On212015.0%

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