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There’s been wholesale changes to the line-over the year and the only one that manages a smile is Nicky Byrne – but that time slot now takes in what was Larry Gogan as well. But the smile turns to a grimace when you scratch the surface. Going ‘book on book’ every slot has lost listeners, bar Colm Hayes who is static. So, the much awaited restructuring and mini pogrom that took place over the year looks like it was in vain and the “pro-Dublin” format look like a busted flush.

Time Programme14Q213Q2+/-+/- %
07.00-09.00Breakfast Republic111126-15-12%
11.00-14.00*Nicky Byrne14513964%
14.00-16.30*Rick In The Afternoon109117-8-7%
16.30-19.00*Driveby with Colm Hayes104112-8-7%
19.00-20.00Game On 1723-6-26%

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