2FM Listnership 2013_2

2FM’s woes seem to be continuing across the day with Tubridy falling the fastest dropping 9% of his audience. Hector lost 3% and Rick in the Afternoon dropped 5%

07.00-09.00Breakfast With Hector2FM126130-4-3.1%
11.00-13.00Colm Hayes2FM139141-2-1.4%
13.00-14.00Larry Gogan’s Golden Hour2FM8389-6-6.7%
14.00-16.30Rick in the Afternoon2FM117123-6-4.9%
16.30-19.00More Music Drive With Will Leahy2FM112119-7-5.9%
19.00-20.00Game On with Damien O’Meara*2FM2326-3-11.5%

*Different time schedule/programme to the previous survey

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