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Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis We’ve looked at it here is some detail. Essentially it’s a root and branch analysis of the site looking at it from a keyword point of view. Read On…

Site Audit

In looking at a site with the site analysis or site audit hat on there are a number of areas that you would want to concentrate on. Below are listed some of the areas that should be analyised. Crawling and indexing: How many pages have been indexed and how many pages are there on the site. Is there a gap (there can be small gaps at times)?  Is there a big difference between the indexed and actual pages and why? Using an online crawler (or offline) like seo-browser will show you how your page appears to a search engine –

04 – Keyword Research

Our basic keywords are the ones we established in the first part of the process. On completion of the competitor analysis we should have added to our lexicon. We then look at each keyword to see what the estimated traffic volumes associated with each word and begin to trawl for other both high and lower (long tail) traffic keywords. Read On…

Initial Background Analysis

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the site audit and the Search Optimisation itself, it’s very important to get some background on the business and the market. The client would normally brief us on the market and the business. We would establish who the main “off line” competitors are and get to grips with some of the dynamics of the business and the market. During these discussions we will get a feel for some of the keywords and industry terms used in a particular market. In many instances the keywords are generally widespread terms and we would