Top 30 Programmes 2012 Q4 JNLR

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The leader board is very much the same in terms of players, but some positions have changed.  Joe is still not King. He’s the heir apparent no doubt, but this quarter again still only second in line to the RTE and national throne.

The big ones would be Marion’s’ Sunday slot loosing 44,000 listeners and dropping in the table from #4 to #9.

The biggest gain in the top 30 was Playback adding 24,000 listeners and Sunday Miscellany likewise adding 24,000. Notably both are the early morning slots at the weekend and showing good gains. Drivetime also pulled in and extra 22,000 and Countrywide added 21,000.

Some of the losers can point at, in part, rescheduling of their slots. The Saturday 13:00 slot where Charlie Bird broadcast for a while, was half an hour longer last year and the comparison is a little hard. But those what can’t rely on the ‘rescheduling excuse’; Sunday Sport was down 12%, Tubridy down 9% and Mooney 7%.

Hector joined the top 30 but keeping his numbers whist other above him past year didn’t. 

Programme2012_42011_4+/- ‘000#12#11StationTime
Morning Ireland441446-511RTE107.00-09.00
Marian Finucane363365-233RTE Sat11.00-13.00
News at One3603451545RTE113.00-13.45
The Business 334326858RTE Sat10.00-11.00
John Murray323327-467RTE109.00-10.00
Today With Pat Kenny321329-876RTE110.00-12.00
Playback3162922489RTE Sat09.00-10.00
Marian Finucane305349-4494RTE1 Sun11.00-13.00
Miriam Meets268272-41010RTE1 Sun10.00-11.00
Sunday Miscellany257233241214RTE1 Sun09.00-10.00
The Ray D’Arcy Show24323491313Today09.00-12.00
Countrywide222201211418RTE Sat08.00-09.00
Ronan Collins211227-161627RTE112.00-13.00
Charlie Bird/Doc on One**192232-401715RTE Sat13.00-14.00
This Week192208-161817RTE1 Sun13.00-14.00
Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show17517141920Today07.00-09.00
World Report 160148122024RTE1 Sun08.00-09.00
The Last Word with Matt Cooper160161-12221Today16.30-19.00
Phil Cawley15214932323Today Sat11.00-14.00
The KC Show15114472425Today12.00-14.30
Sport 14213842529RTE Sat14.00-18.00
Sunday Sport137155-182622RTE1 Sun14.00-18.00
Colm Hayes131140-927262FM11.00-13.00
The Right Hook13112922830News16.30-19.00
Premier League Live127131-42916Today Sat14.00-18.00
Breakfast With Hector124302FM07.00-09.00

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