National Listnership 2012 Q4 JNLR

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Here we’re going to have a closer look at the individual National Stations in terms of their various programmes. We’ll also look at them through their quarter hours to see how they stack up against each other. All you have to do is click on the individual station tabs (if you have an appropriate browser) here to see the various programmes for seven to seven and their quarter hours comparisons for the last three years.    

You can see below the time signature each station leaves on the day and, more strikingly, how that chart is absolutely dominated by RTE1. It peaks firstly in the morning at 8:00 with 324,000 listeners and then again at 1:45pm when Joe starts getting into his stride with 356,000 listeners and back down again to spike at 5:00 with 179,000.





Very small changes to the numbers in the main station. Some of the lighter, more entertainment oriented programmes losing out and Drivetime and the News at One making ground – are we getting serious as a body of listeners at last?  

07.00-09.00 Morning IrelandRTE1441446-5
09.00-10.00 John MurrayRTE1323327-4
10.00-12.00 Today With Pat KennyRTE1321329-8
12.00-13.00 Ronan CollinsRTE1211227-16
13.00-13.45 News at OneRTE136034515
13.45-15.00 LivelineRTE14204146
15.00-16.30 MooneyRTE1221238-17
16.30-19.00 DrivetimeRTE126524322
19.00-19.30 Sport At 7RTE132284

RTE1 2012 4



The national broadcasters second station 2FM is struggling nationally and in Dublin this quarter. Hector and Will Leahy to only ones not showing a deficit on last year and Tubridy loosing the lion’s share of the numbers    

07.00-09.00Breakfast With Hector2FM1241240
11.00-13.00Colm Hayes2FM131140-9
13.00-14.00Larry Gogan’s Golden Hour2FM8386-3
14.00-16.30Rick in the Afternoon2FM114116-2
16.30-19.00More Music Drive With Will Leahy2FM1111056
19.00-21.00Dave Fanning2FM25223

2FM 2012 4


 Today FM

Today FM managed to increase listenership in the first three berths of the day (from a Godly hour on anyway). They are still second to RTE1 nationally, but they have been dropping in Dublin quarter after successive quarter. 

07.00-09.00The Ian Dempsey Breakfast ShowTODAY1751714
09.00-12.00The Ray D’Arcy ShowTODAY2432349
12.00-14.30The Ray Foley ShowTODAY1511447
14.30-16.30Tony FentonTODAY113118-5
16.30-19.00The Last Word with Matt CooperTODAY160161-1
19.00-22.00In The EveningTODAY2529-4

Today 2012 4



Breakfast suffered in Newstalk but Tom Dunne managed to hold his own. Other slogs show marginal increased. Off the Ball went Off the Boil red carding 22% of their listeners 

07.00-10.00Breakfast NEWSTALK121133-12
10.00-12.00Tom DunneNEWSTALK53530
16.30-19.00The Right HookNEWSTALK1311292
19.00-22.00Off the BallNEWSTALK3950-11

Newstalk 2012 4


Lyric FM

Lyric is down marginally by 8,000 and by 13,000 in the capital. Although, it think it would be a stretch to suggest they are losing to FM104. Niall Carroll’s numbers are distorted as he is doing a double shift these days having previously knocked off at two. 

07.00-10.00Marty in the Morning LYRIC29254
10.00-14.00Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime*LYRIC382612
14.00-16.00The John Kelly EnsembleLYRIC2935-6
16.00-19.00Liz Nolan’s Classic DriveLYRIC4557-12
19.00-20.00Jazz Alley LYRIC14122

lyric 2012 4

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