JNLR September 2010 – Regional Stations

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Turning our attention to the regional stations, some have had a better 12 months than others.

Still the outright leader in this league table is Highland with a fairly formidable 69% reach. The three stations bordering capital are at the bottom of the table and it would be simply down to competition in the Greater Dublin area. Not only have the surrounding counties franchises have to contend with the competition from the nationals – but also from the six Dublin Franchises overspill. Tipp FM, Shannonside and LM FM all took a bit of a dip over the 12 months. Tipp FM doesn’t have a clear shot at its population. Its ahs the overlap of Beat 102-103 and Spin South West. Again,that extra bit of competition does seem to completely dilute the Home Local listenership. The introduction of i105 this time around definitely had an impact on Tipp FM’s listenership.

On the other hand Radio Kerry have made a big leap and added 7,000 listeners. 

Local %   +/-  
Highland Radio 69672
Limerick’s Live 95FM 5153-2
Radio Kerry 51456
Mid West Radio 50482
WLR FM 4851-3
Shannonside/Northern Sound 4653-7
Tipp FM 4452-8
Clare FM 4345-2
Galway Bay FM 41401
Ocean FM 4146-5
KCLR 96FM 40391
Midlands 103FM 39390
South East Radio 3639-3
LM FM 2835-7
East Coast FM 26260
Kfm  2427-3



The larger franchise or ‘regional stations’ the performed well and would have had to take their increases either from the nationals or the regional’s – either way they all made gains.   

Beat 102-103 20200
Spin South West 21183
i102-104 20173
i105-107 7

Beat 102-103: Counties Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford and South Tipperary.
Spin South West: Counties Kerry, Clare, Limerick, North Tipperary, and south west Laois.
i102-104FM: Counties Galway, Mayo, Longford, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.
i105-107FM: Counties Kildare, Meath, North Laois, Carlow, Louth, Westmeath, Offaly, Cavan and Monaghan.

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