JNLR Radio Research National 2010-4

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Looking at the National Listenership figures, one would think that RTE, as a whole, was having a torrid time dropping 39,000 in their combined listenership. But its only one station in the stable that’s making it look so bad – 2FM.

Last quarter in 2011 it lost 60,000 listeners compared to the same quarter in 2010. Given that, in general, radio listenership has stayed the same year on year, it’s nothing to do with the market.

At the bottom of this article are the listenership figures going back five years – all for the last quarter of each year.. Back in 2006, when we were being licked in the face by the now extinct Celtic Tiger, 2FM had a national audience figure of 18% or 618,000 adults every day. Compared now to 394,000 listeners in 2011, that’s a 56% drop in listeners.

Today FM managed to gain 14,000 listeners, but still stood at a 13% reach nationally. Newstalk gained a fairly impressive 27,000 and that added one point to its waistline pushing it to 9%. They will be encouraged by the fact that most of those gains were in Dublin (+27,000), which is a hard nut to crack given the competitive nature of the market.

Outside that the stations have remained fairly static, bar one.

‘000R%S%‘000R%S%‘+/- ‘000‘+/- R%‘+/- S%
Any Radio2,97785%100.00%2,98885%100.00%-110%0%
Any Regional2,04158%52.40%2,01657%53.60%251%-1%
Any National1,63447%47.60%1,63747%46.40%-30%1%
Any RTE Radio1,22835%33.40%1,26736%33.00%-39-1%0%
Any RTE1,21034%32.80%1,25336%32.60%-43-2%0%
RTE Radio 187625%23.40%86925%22.70%70%1%
Today FM46713%9.50%45313%9.30%140%0%
RTE 2FM39411%7.50%45413%8.20%-60-2%-1%
RTE Lyric FM1244%1.90%1153%1.70%91%0%


It’s a bit crowded – but it’s a good snapshot of each year.    

National – Yesterday201120112010201020092009200820082007200720062006
% R% S% R% S% R% S% R% S% R% S% R% S
Any Regional/Local585257545851555052485651
RTÉ Radio 1252325232623242223222421
RTÉ 2FM1171381510161217131813
RTÉ Lyric FM4232324231232
Today FM139139151016111621612

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