JNLR Radio Research Dublin 2010-4

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The last quarter of 2010 shows, like the first quarter, very little has changed to the capitals radio listening habits.

They still, en masse, like Radio 1, they are still jettisoning 2FM in their droves and, if you’re not tuned into Radio 1, you have to be too young and are instead listening to FM104 [55% of FM104 listeners are aged between 15-24 compared to 13% in the case of Radio One]. FM104 is now firmly rooted into second place and is listened to by 21% (201,000) of the capital population but Radio 1 still manages a hefty 31% (298,000).  

Spin finally knocked its “sibling” off #3 slot, moving to a 15% reach (140,000) in front of 98FM at 12% (114,000) down from 14%. Newstalk gained three points in the metropolis and leaped ahead of both Q102 and 98FM in the process. They also managed to steal a large portion of share.    

Last year at the same point, Q102 looked as if they would get a better podium position when they were lying in #3 in terms of share in Dublin, but only marginally behind FM104. Although they managed to retain their third slot this year, their share has tumbled into single digits and their near rival FM104 has gained share even more share.  

2FM continues to disappoint and is now #8 in the Capital. Importantly, it looks, certainly from the outside, that very little is happening to arrest that slide. However, sometimes it takes time to instigate change and in an organisation that has a somewhat institutional feel to it, it may take even longer.    

Dublin – Yesterday2010-42010-422009-42009-432008-42008-44+/- +/- 
RTÉ Radio 13133.12930.53032.822
Spin 1038155.7146.6135.811
Today FM96.695.810700
RTÉ 2FM85.9107128.3-2-2
RTÉ Lyric FM63.553.252.911
Radio Nova 100FM53.1
Country 106.8/Sunshine32.333.24300
Classic Hits 4FM21.3
Phantom 105.220.8

Finally, Phantom is still clinging on. Like Pip in Great Expectations, Phantom has a benefactor in the form of Communicorp, whose house the station moved into over the year. Let’s hope, for the sake of diversity in musical tastes, it finds shelter there.

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