JNLR Radio Listnership Dublin 2012-1

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Dublin radio listenership gained ever so slightly in the last 12 months rising by 19,000 people in the metropolis.

But as a straight head count that’s encouraging, but in percentage terms it looks very different. The survey this quarter was altered slightly to reflect the population changes in the capital and the “estimated universe” aka theoretical survey population moved from 967,000 to 1,028,000 – a gain of 61,000 people (the census shows an 89,000 growth in the capitals population)

It basically moves the goalposts and will antagonise the copywriters who will spend today day “shining up (the other word)” for their stations adverts and press releases. So don’t expect to see a percentage in any of those gushings – bar from Nova, naturally.

Station12-1 ‘00012-1 %11-1 ‘00011-1 ‘%+/-+/-
Any Radio85683%83787%19-4%
Any National48047%46048%20-1%
Any RTE Radio37436%36838%6-2%
RTE Radio 130730%29230%150%
FM 10421921%19520%241%
Spin 103815915%14715%120%
RTE 2 FM808%9210%-12-2%
Today FM949%889%60%
RTE Lyric FM596%505%91%
Radio Nova535%
Sunshine 106.8374%323%51%
Phantom 105.2FM242%192%50%


The headline story goes to FM104 who move up a further 24,000 listeners and establish themselves firmly as Dublin’s number 1 independent radio station. Conversely Q102 had a bit of a knock, dropping 17,000 listeners year on year. Likewise 2FM dropped another 12,000 falling behind Today FM in listeners for the first time. Both as a consequence because room had to be made somewhere for Nova who etched out 53,000 listeners.

Not affected at all but the debut of Nova (in this quarter survey) was Newstalk who gained a place to 5th and added 17,000 listeners.

The addition of Nova is seen very clearly in the share table below. Nova now has a 3% market share in Dublin and gained at the expense of Q102, 2FM and Sunshine.

Other than that….


RTE Radio 132%32%0%
FM 10411%11%0%
Today FM7%6%1%
Spin 10387%7%0%
RTE 2 FM6%7%-1%
Radion Nova3%3%
RTE Lyric FM3%3%0%
Sunshine 106.82%3%-1%
Phantom 105.2FM1%1%0%

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