JNLR Q2 2011 National Figures

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The latest JNLR figures hold no real surprise in some quarters. Radio listenership, whilst still particularly healthy with a 85% penetration, has dropped back a little on last year’s comparable figures.

Radio2011201120102010000 +/-
Any Radio297985%302486%-45
Any National161046%167848%-68
Any RTE Radio122835%129937%-71
RTE Radio 187325%85824%15
RTE 2FM40411%50614%-102
RTE Lyric FM1073%1123%-5
Today FM44413%47714%-33
Any Region204558%204958%-4
Home Local159345%161746%-24
Other Region2417%2808%-39

Most of the Donnybrook stations took a knock but 2FM seems to be firmly on the ropes at this point managing to drop 102,000 listeners in the twelve months. That equates to massive 20% of it’s listenership. You’d have to muse that were it not backed by public money what would its fate be?

Newstalk put on 21,000 listeners but outside them and RTE1 nobody managed to report a gain.

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