JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) 2010 Local Radio

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In terms of the overall health of the listening market within the local franchises, that figure varies considerably across the counties. In the OceanFM franchise – Donegal South/Sligo/Nth Leit – the listened to any radio yesterday figure is 95% whereas in the East Coast FM area, Wicklow, that figure plummets to 79%.

Many a thesis could be forwarded as to the difference in the listening base – but none to be found here. Of the 16 local stations, eleven saw a fall in their numbers. Tipp FM, Ocean FM, Midlands 103 all saw a 5% decline in numbers. Radio Kerry and KFM were the only real winners gaining 4% and 3% respectively. Maintaining its massive reach is still Highland Radio in Donegal.

But the ‘best in show’ this year goes to Radio Kerry who moved from #7 in the Local Radio League in 2009 to #2. I’d say the shareholders are delighted.

Local – Listened Yesterday20102009+/-
Highland Radio 6768-1
Radio Kerry 51474
Limerick’s Live 95FM 5053-3
Mid West Radio 4950-1
WLR FM 4851-3
Shannonside/Northern Sound 4750-3
Clare FM 46451
Tipp FM 4550-5
Ocean FM 4247-5
Galway Bay FM 41401
KCLR 96FM 3942-3
Midlands 103FM 3641-5
South East Radio 3639-3
East Coast FM 28280
LM FM 2832-4
KFM 27243

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