JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) 2010 Dublin Stations

Turning the attentions to the Dublin area, the runners and riders are listed below, as is there form to date.

Dublin – Yesterday2010201020092009+/-+/-

RTÉ Radio 12930.53032.8-1.0-2.3
RTÉ 2FM107.0128.3-2.0-1.3
RTÉ Lyric FM53.
Today FM95.8107.0-1.0-1.2
Country 106.8/Sunshine33.243.0-1.00.2
Spin 1038146.6135.81.00.8
Phantom 105.220.831.4-1.0-0.6

The classic screen line “move along now, there’s nothing to see here’ jumps out in all but a few cases. Over the year the figure of “listened yesterday” in Dublin has dropped from 87% to 85% which equates to roughly 20,000 listeners – about a 2% drop in the Capital, so nothing extremely worrying. Of the 11 stations in Dublin, seven recorded a decline in reach and five in share. Determined to repeat its national performance, 2FM was the biggest reach faller declining by 2% points.

The other fallers in all showed a 1% point decline. Radio 1 was the biggest faller in share, back by 2.3% points followed by stable mate 2FM at 1.3%. Q102 would seem to have picked up some of that share and put in a impressive performance by adding 2.5% in share over the year. The station had been on a land grab over that past few surveys and, it could be argued, if it continues on this path will eventually become Dublin’s #3 station in terms of share and maybe even reach.

The challengers  98FM and Spin increased their share this survey. Phantom’s reach is at a low and its share has all but surrendered, its really can’t sustain too many more results like this. Taking the longer term view and comparing 2006 to 2010 below; 2FM, again, loosing out in reach and share. 98FM is the next biggest faller in the 5 years. It dropped 3% points in reach and 2.5% in share. Its close rival FM104 also dropped share and reach. The shining light has, again, been Q102 gaining an impressive 5% points in share, most of that coming in the past two years. Spin added 2% in reach and 1.8% in share shipping away at 98Fm and FM104.

Dublin – Yesterday2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 +/-+/-

RTÉ Radio 12930.53032.82830.52831.12830.41.00.1
RTÉ 2FM107.0128.31210.41411.91410.6-4.0-3.6
RTÉ Lyric FM53.252.962.763.752.50.00.7
Today FM95.8107.095.796.5107.5-1.0-1.7
Country 106.8/Sunshine33.243.032.632.532.80.00.4
Spin 1038146.6135.8157.0125.7124.82.01.8
Phantom 105.220.831.431.821.1



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