JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) 2010 Cork Stations

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Cork’s story is that it saw some of the biggest swings in the major franchises.

The listened to yesterday for Cork was 81% down from 85% the previous 12 months (21,000 listeners). 2Fm, again, lost out as did 96FM which dropped a fairly substantial 4% points.

The C103  gain in share helped the combined figure not look as stark a drop as it could have been. Having said that it’s still the station in Cork reaching 35% of the franchise on a daily basis followed by Radio 1 at 26%,  9% points ahead.

Cork – Yesterday2010 2009 +/-+/-
RTÉ Radio 12622.32721.4-1.00.9
RTÉ 2FM95.4126.2-3.0-0.8
RTÉ Lyric FM42.
Today FM159.71710.4-2.0-0.7
Corks 96FM/C1034641.65045.0-4.0-3.4
Corks 96FM3530.33934.9-4.0-4.6
C103 (Corks 103FM) 1411.41410.10.01.3
Corks Red FM1910.62011.6-1.0-1.0

The five-year retrospective look in this case look very erratic and a little spartan as three of the stations were not operational in 2006 in Cork. One interesting fact is that in 2006 the ‘listened to yesterday’ figure was 79% or 291,000 listeners, today that figures stands at its 81% or 318,000 people. So the increase in stations has not simply divided the listenership, its grown it.

Cork – Yesterday2010 2009 2008 2007 2006+/-+/-
RTÉ Radio 12622.32721.42318.01918.52019.36.03.0
RTÉ 2FM95.4126.295.985.
RTÉ Lyric FM42.031.541.631.531.91.00.1
Today FM159.71710.41812.1139.31411.01.0-1.3
Corks 96FM/C1034641.65045.05047.84552.24851.7-2.0-10.1
Corks 96FM3530.33934.93834.83337.2
C103 (Corks 103FM) 1411.41410.11513.01415.0
Corks Red FM1910.62011.61911.61810.6189.41.01.2

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