JNLR 2016Q2 Cork Listenership

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Cork shows a listenership reach of 82%, down slightly on both the previous book and year and now stands at 340,000 listeners per day. Book on book none of the stations made any gains except, bizarrely, 2FM who made a 6,000 increase on the last quarter. Both the main stations, Red and 96FM, are in decline of late, the latter by 8,000 and the former by 3,000 over the last quarter

The gap between the two main rivals (Red and 96) narrowed from 12,000 to 7,000 over the quarter.

Table: Cork Listenership

 2016Q2 2016Q1 +/-+/-Ch 2015Q2 +/-+/-Ch
 BoB       YoY    
Any Radio34082%34283%-21%-1% 34483%-41%-1%
Red FM11828%12630%-82%-6% 12330%-52%-4%
Cork’s 96FM11127%11428%-31%-3% 11528%-41%-3%
RTE Radio 19924%10024%-10%-1% 9122%8-2%9%
C1037017%7117%-10%-1% 6415%6-2%9%
Today FM4812%4812%00%0% 4912%-10%-2%
2FM4310%379%6-1%16% 359%8-1%23%
Newstalk4110%4210%-10%-2% 4711%-61%-13%
4FM399%4010%-11%-3% 4310%-41%-9%
Lyric FM195%184%1-1%6% 154%4-1%27%

You can see from the graphic that the momentum that Red FM once had seem to be slowing in the last three surveys but there’s still no gains either for 96FM

In terms of individual programming Cork Today has added 7% in last the quarter and all bar one of the daytime slots on C103 made gains book on book. 96FM and Red showed falls across all their programming (save the Big Drive Home) book on book. The morning slot is still edged by the Opinion Line over Neil Prendeville even though both slots have lost out over the last quarter.

 Graphic: Cork Reach ‘000

cork 16q2


Table: Cork Programme Reach

C10316Q215Q2+/- ‘000+/- %16Q1+/- ‘000+/- %
Music Breakfast323200%3027%
Cork Today4639718%4337%
C103 Drivetime252414%27-2-7%
96FM16Q215Q2+/- ‘000+/- %16Q1+/- ‘000+/- %
Nick Richards4249-7-14%43-1-2%
The Opinion Line6173-12-16%67-6-9%
Ken Tobin5355-2-4%56-3-5%
Big Drive Home3233-1-3%3113%
Red FM16Q215Q2+/- ‘000+/- %16Q1+/- ‘000+/- %
The KC Show3641-5-12%40-4-10%
Neil Prendeville5564-9-14%59-4-7%
Red Hits5253-1-2%59-7-12%
Dave Mac’s Drive4649-3-6%47-1-2%

cork q

It’s 96FM until lunchtime (or is that dinner time!) and then it’s RedFM for the rest of the day.  

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