JNLR 2016Q1 Top Thirty

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All the top tables and in the interest of tracking the license fee money the book on book numbers are compared so that 2FM can be scrutinised. The Gains and Falls tables likewise are divided into the year on year and book on book. The metric for the gains and falls are subjectively based on actual listeners and not the percentage gain.

If it were percentages (we should really say) we’d be showering Ray D’Arcy with praise for a 19% increase in listeners year on year and also to Alison Curtis getting a 6% increase book on book.

RTE1 stole a march on the year on year gains taking all five slots. Book on book Alison Curtis spoils the party for them taking #5.

The year on year falls all have a similar hue with three of the slots reserved for Today FM programming. Book on book we begin to see the real story with 2FM taking the top two positions. It should be noted that 2FM can’t be compared year on year as the time slots are not comparable.

Table: Year on Year Gains

ProgrammeStation16Q1 15Q1+/-‘000+/-%
Morning IrelandRTE1460 4174310%
News at OneRTE1350 3074314%
The BusinessRTE1 Sa310 2694115%
TubridyRTE1322 2873512%
Ray D’ArcyRTE1217 1833419%

Table: Book on Book Gains

ProgrammeStation16Q1 15Q4+/-‘000+/-%
Morning IrelandRTE1460 448123%
The BusinessRTE1 Sat310 299114%
TubridyRTE1322 31483%
CountrywideRTE1 Sat212 20484%
Alison CurtisToday Sat149 14186%

Table: Year on Year Falls

ProgrammeStation16Q1 15Q1+/-‘000+/- %
Anton SavageToday175 212-37-17%
Matt CooperToday132 153-21-14%
Pat KennyNewstalk126 142-16-11%
Ian DempseyToday180 194-14-7%
Marian FinucaneRTE1 Sun325 335-10-3%

Table: Book on Book Falls

ProgrammeStation16Q1 15Q4+/-‘000+/-%
Breakfast Republic2FM162 181-19-10%
Nicky Byrne2FM143 157-14-9%
PlaybackRTE1 Sat274 285-11-4%
The Right HookNewstalk136 145-9-6%
Miriam O’CallaghanRTE1 Sun256 265-9-3%

The top thirty is below and yours to analyse any way you want

Table: Top 30

#ProgrammeStation16Q1 15Q1+/-‘000+/-% 15Q4+/-‘000+/-%
1Morning IrelandRTE1460 4174310% 448123%
2Marian FinucaneRTE1 Sat393 366277% 39210%
3LivelineRTE1391 367247% 38741%
4News at OneRTE1350 3074314% 34641%
5Sean O’RourkeRTE1326 303238% 331-5-2%
6Marian FinucaneRTE1 Sun325 335-10-3% 328-3-1%
7TubridyRTE1322 2873512% 31483%
8The BusinessRTE1 Sat310 2694115% 299114%
9PlaybackRTE1 Sat274 278-4-1% 285-11-4%
10Miriam O’CallaghanRTE1 Sun256 241156% 265-9-3%
11DrivetimeRTE1240 2172311% 24000%
12Sunday MiscellanyRTE1 Sun239 2122713% 244-5-2%
13Saturday Claire ByrneRTE1 Sat238 220188% 245-7-3%
14Ronan CollinsRTE1219 208115% 220-10%
15This WeekRTE1 Sun218 1952312% 223-5-2%
16Ray D’ArcyRTE1217 1833419% 21521%
17CountrywideRTE1 Sat212 200126% 20484%
18SportRTE1 Sat190 1731710% 198-8-4%
19Ian DempseyToday180 194-14-7% 187-7-4%
20Sunday SportRTE1 Sun178 16995% 17711%
21Anton SavageToday175 212-37-17% 183-8-4%
22BreakfastNewstalk164 172-8-5% 171-7-4%
23Breakfast Republic2FM162 109n/c  181-19-10%
24World ReportRTE1 Sun160 15196% 165-5-3%
25Alison CurtisToday Sat149 1351410% 14186%
26Phil CawleyToday Sat149 14364% 14721%
27Nicky Byrne2FM143 189n/c  157-14-9%
28The Right HookNewstalk136 138-2-1% 145-9-6%
29Matt CooperToday132 153-21-14% 13200%
30Pat KennyNewstalk126 142-16-11% 133-7-5%

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