JNLR 2016Q1 Dublin Listenership

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Radio listenership dropped in the capital to 818,000 down 1% on the year and the same book on book. The falls are less pronounced on a book on book basis with but looking at them over the year some of the falls are severe. Double digit decrease in the capital for Newstalk, Today FM, Q102 and 2FM and, of them, only Q102 managed to get something back in the last quarter.

RTE1 are still the dominant force reaching 305,000 listeners. They are followed by FM104 on 189,000 a 3% increase on the year. Newstalk, are next on 154,000. Last year they were only 10,000 behind FM104 and this has now drifted out to a 35,000 listener difference mainly due to the last quarter..

FM104, 98FM, Q102, Sunshine and Lyric were the only stations to add listeners in the last quarter and Sunshine was the only station to add listeners over the year.  With most of the stations losing over the year, as did Dublin listenership, it’s hard to tell where they are going instead.

At the start of 2011(Q1), Dublin radio listenership stood at a reach of 87% and it now stands at 79%. That’s a worrying trend and one that would have to be analysed further to see where this erosion is happening.   

Table: Dublin Reach

 Year On Year Book on Book
 2016Q12015Q1+/-+/-Ch 15Q4+/-+/-Ch
Any Radio81879%82981%-11-2%-1% 82380%-5-1%-1%
Any National47846%49849%-20-3%-4% 49148%-13-2%-3%
RTE Radio 130530%29729%81%3% 31230%-70%-2%
FM 10418918%18418%50%3% 18618%30%2%
Newstalk15415%17417%-20-2%-11% 16516%-11-1%-7%
Spin 103814514%14714%-20%-1% 14914%-40%-3%
98FM10710%10911%-2-1%-2% 10310%40%4%
Today FM858%9910%-14-2%-14% 909%-5-1%-6%
Q102767%929%-16-2%-17% 737%30%4%
RTE 2FM656%778%-12-2%-16% 697%-4-1%-6%
Sunshine 106.8606%454%152%33% 565%41%7%
RTE Lyric FM576%606%-30%-5% 565%11%2%
Radio Nova 100FM565%586%-2-1%-3% 586%-2-1%-3%
Classic Hits 4FM363%384%-2-1%-5% 363%00%0%
Phantom 105.2FM182%222%-40%-18% 192%-10%-5%

Graphic: Dublin Reach 

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Table:Dublin Shares

 Year On Year Book on Book
 16Q115Q1+/- 15Q4+/-
RTE Radio 135.1%32.3%2.8% 35.0%0.1%
FM10411.5%10.7%0.8% 10.9%0.6%
Newstalk9.6%10.5%-0.9% 10.3%-0.7%
Dublin’s 98FM6.3%6.7%-0.4% 6.2%0.1%
Spin 10386.3%7.2%-0.9% 6.9%-0.6%
Q1025.9%5.9%0.0% 5.5%0.4%
Today FM5.1%6.3%-1.2% 5.6%-0.5%
Sunshine 106.84.8%3.4%1.4% 4.3%0.5%
RTE 2FM3.9%4.7%-0.8% 4.1%-0.2%
Nova 100FM3.5%3.7%-0.2% 3.8%-0.3%
RTE Lyric FM3.3%3.6%-0.3% 3.2%0.1%
Classic Hits 4FM2.7%2.6%0.1% 2.5%0.2%
TXFM0.8%1.2%-0.4% 0.7%0.1%

Graphic: Dublin Shares

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Table: Dublin Weekday Top 20

      Year on YearBook on Book
   16Q115Q415Q1+/-‘000+/- %+/-‘000+/- %
1RTE1Morning Ireland16716916611%-2-1%
2RTE1Sean O’Rourke14414613597%-2-1%
5RTE1News at One1261241032322%22%
6RTE1Ronan Collins94969311%-2-2%
7FM104The 10-3 Show918782911%45%
9SPIN 1038Steve K838690-7-8%-3-3%
11FM104Strawberry Alarm768282-6-7%-6-7%
12RTE1Ray D’Arcy7472591525%23%
13FM104The Jam71677011%46%
14NewstalkPat Kenny555761-6-10%-2-4%
15NewstalkThe Right Hook525857-5-9%-6-10%
1698FMBarry Dunne504842819%24%
18SPIN 1038Fully Charged45494325%-4-8%
19SPIN 1038Spin Talk404144-4-9%-1-2%
202FMBreakfast Republic3938n/c  13%

Finally below is the reach of a selection of the Dublin franchise stations year on year and book on book.

Table: Dublin Programmes

FM10410-3 Show918782911%45%
FM104The Jam71677011%46%
FM104The Takeover141415-1-7%00%
Q102Dave Harrington282121733%733%
Q102Liam Coburn373640-3-8%13%
Q102Aidan Cooney333944-11-25%-6-15%
Q102Drive @ 5232126-3-12%210%
Q102The Love Zone111120-9-45%00%
SPIN 1038Fully Charged45494325%-4-8%
SPIN 1038Nikki Hayes323534-2-6%-3-9%
SPIN 1038Spin Talk404144-4-9%-1-2%
SPIN 1038Steve K838690-7-8%-3-3%
SPIN 1038The Zoo Crew29312814%-2-6%
98FMBig Breakfast333645-12-27%-3-8%
98FMDublin Talks35343413%13%
98FMBarry Dunne504842819%24%
98FMBig Ride Home302937-7-19%13%
98FMThe Fix91010-1-10%-1-10%

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