JNLR 2015Q4 Top Thirty

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There were some good wins for RTE1 occupying the top five slots in the programmes that gained year on year and three of them in the weekend schedule. They also hold the top five book on book – but the emphasis there is on the weekday schedule. Today FM hold three of the five faller’s berths looking at them year on year.  The main Top 30 Table below is sortable – just click on the heading and it will sort ascending and then descending (on a second click). 

Table: Year on Year Gains (‘000)

Saturday Claire Byrne13.00-14.00RTE 1 Sat24520652%3919%
Sunday Miscellany09.00-10.00RTE 1 Sun244206167%3818%
News at One13.00-13.45RTE 1 W/D346312216%3411%
Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.00RTE 1 W/D33129831%3311%
Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE 1 Sat392366-4-1%267%

Table: Year on Year Falls (‘000)

Anton Savage09.00-12.00Today W/D183215-8-4%-32-15%
Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE 1 Sun328351-10-3%-23-7%
Matt Cooper16.30-19.00Today W/D132154-3-2%-22-14%
Pat Kenny10.00-12.30Newstalk W/D133142-1-1%-9-6%
Ian Dempsey07.00-09.00Today W/D18718763%00%

Table: Top 30

Morning Ireland07.00-09.00RTE 1 W/D44843942692%225%
Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE 1 Sat392396366-4-1%267%
Liveline13.45-15.00RTE 1 W/D387371378164%92%
News at One13.00-13.45RTE 1 W/D346325312216%3411%
Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.00RTE 1 W/D33132829831%3311%
Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE 1 Sun328338351-10-3%-23-7%
Tubridy09.00-10.00RTE 1 W/D31430729572%196%
The Business10.00-11.00RTE 1 Sat299286278135%218%
Playback09.00-10.00RTE 1 Sat28528525900%2610%
Miriam O’Callaghan10.00-11.00RTE 1 Sun26526523900%2611%
Claire Byrne13.00-14.00RTE 1 Sat24524020652%3919%
Sunday Miscellany09.00-10.00RTE 1 Sun244228206167%3818%
Drivetime16.30-19.00RTE 1 W/D240226222146%188%
This Week13.00-14.00RTE 1 Sun22321919842%2513%
Ronan Collins12.00-13.00RTE 1 W/D22021520952%115%
Ray D’Arcy15.00-16.30RTE 1 W/D215199193168%2211%
Countrywide08.00-09.00RTE 1 Sat204194202105%21%
Sport14.00-18.00RTE 1 Sat19819117674%2213%
Ian Dempsey07.00-09.00Today W/D18718118763%00%
Anton Savage09.00-12.00Today W/D183191215-8-4%-32-15%
Breakfast Republic06.00-10.002FM W/D181196 -15-8%  
Sunday Sport14.00-18.00RTE 1 Sun17717317642%11%
Breakfast07.00-10.00Newstalk W/D171178165-7-4%64%
World Report08.00-09.00RTE 1 Sun16516115342%128%
Nicky Byrne10.00-13.002FM W/D157163 -6-4%  
Phil Cawley11.00-14.00Today Sat147157135-10-6%129%
The Right Hook16.30-19.00Newstalk W/D145148126-3-2%1915%
Alison Curtis08.00-11.00Today Sat14113513564%64%
Pat Kenny10.00-12.30Newstalk W/D133134142-1-1%-9-6%
Matt Cooper16.30-19.00Today W/D132135154-3-2%-22-14%

Finally a look at some of the close rivalries

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