JNLR 2015Q4 Dublin Listenership

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In Dublin listenership to overall radio listenership dipped marginally from 81% to 80%. Still the most listened to station in the capital is RTE1 commanding a 30% reach up 9% on the year or 27,000 listeners. You can see for the table at the bottom that they occupy the top five most listened to station in the capital and four of them have added numbers over the year.  Book on book they also did well managing a 3% increase in the quarter. Their nearest rival for the top slot is FM104 some 126,000 listeners away.

FM104 managed to stay unchanged year on year but did lose some traction in the last quarter landing at 186,000 or 18% reach. Although the second most listened to station in Dublin, they are still 126,000 away from RTE1 at this point. Their nearest rival for second is Newtalk (165,000) are 21,000 behind FM104 but at one point that gap had narrowed to only 10,000 listeners.

The 2015Q4 book hasn’t been kind to nine of the thirteen stations in Dublin with their listenership falling over the three months but half of them showed gains over the year.

In the positive territory there were Sunshine who added a stellar 30% to its audience over the year, Spin also gained 5%, Nova 5% and TodayFM 2% – the rest being fallers (those not mentioned thus far).

Q102 had bad books from both perspectives dropping 25% year on year and a hefty 18% book on book. 2FM also fell in the capital by 8% adding to their problems outside the Pale. 98FM dropped 6% but stayed this side of a hundred at 103,000 listeners. 4FM dropped 5% year on year but the last quarter there has been somewhat of a resurgence where they added 9% on to their book on book.

 Table: Dublin Reach
Year On YearBook on Book
Any Radio82380%82681%-3-1%0%82981%-6-1%-1%
Any National49148%47747%141%3%49448%-30%-1%
RTE Radio 131230%28528%272%9%30230%100%3%
FM 10418618%18718%-10%-1%19419%-8-1%-4%
Spin 103814914%14214%70%5%14714%20%1%
Today FM909%889%20%2%949%-40%-4%
RTE 2FM697%757%-60%-8%747%-50%-7%
Radio Nova 100FM*586%555%31%5%626%-40%-6%
RTE Lyric FM565%566%0-1%0%555%10%2%
Sunshine 106.8565%434%131%30%576%-1-1%-2%
Classic Hits 4FM363%384%-2-1%-5%333%30%9%
Phantom 105.2FM192%202%-10%-5%202%-10%-5%

*Nova have 77,000 listeners in their franchise – Dublin city, county and commuter belt.

Graphic: Dublin Reach

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Table: Dublin Shares
Year On YearBook on Book
RTE Radio 135.0%32.3%2.7%34.0%1.0%
Spin 10386.9%7.0%-0.1%7.0%-0.1%
Dublin’s 98FM6.2%6.4%-0.2%6.2%0.0%
Today FM5.6%5.9%-0.3%5.9%-0.3%
Sunshine 106.84.3%3.3%1.0%4.4%-0.1%
RTE 2FM4.1%4.9%-0.8%4.1%0.0%
Nova 100FM3.8%3.4%0.4%3.8%0.0%
RTE Lyric FM3.2%3.3%-0.1%3.1%0.1%
Classic Hits 4FM2.5%2.5%0.0%2.3%0.2%

dublin shares ex

You can see that since around the end of 2012, Newstalk has managed to retain more and more listeners throughout the day and the graphic above shows how they have grabbed market share in each survey up to the end of last year where it has now flattened out.

RTE1 is taken out of the graphic, but is in the table. They made big inroads into the Dublin market over the year with a increase in share of 2.7% out stripping their share growth nationally of 1.6%.

Below is the Top 20 for Dublin – as you can see  the top seven slots are taken up by RTE1.

Table: Dublin Top 20
RTE1DailyMorning Ireland07.00-09.0016916453%
RTE1SatMarian Finucane11.00-13.0016916900%
RTE1SunMarian Finucane11.00-13.00147164-17-10%
RTE1DailySean O’Rourke10.00-12.001461311511%
RTE1DailyRyan Tubridy09.00-10.0012512054%
RTE1DailyNews At One13.00-13.451241061817%
RTE1SatThe Business10.00-11.0012311676%
RTE1SunMiriam O’Callaghan10.00-11.00112941819%
RTE1SunThis Week13.00-14.00111931819%
RTE1SatClaire Byrne13.00-14.00109951415%
RTE1DailyRonan Collins12.00-13.00969333%
FM104SatBest of Strawberry09.00-12.0089553462%
FM104DailyThe 10-3 Show10.00-15.008788-1-1%
SpinFMDailySteve K14.45-18.458687-1-1%
RTE1SunSunday Miscellany09.00-10.0082622032%
FM104DailyStrawberry Alarm06.00-10.008286-4-5%
RTE1DailyRay D’Arcy15.00-16.30726669%
FM104DailyThe Jam15.00-19.006776-9-12%
FM104SatAll Request Saturday12.00-15.00646312%
RTE1SunSunday Sport14.00-18.006370-7-10%
RTE1SunWorld Report08.00-09.0060451533%
NewstalkDailyThe Right Hook16.30-19.005850816%

Finally a look at the station programmes for each station

Table: Dublin Stations

StationProgrammeTime15Q414Q4+/-Ch %
98FMRay Foley07.00-10.003643-7-16%
98FMDublin Talks10.00-12.00343313%
98FMBarry Dunne12.00-16.004843512%
98FMBig Ride Home16.00-19.002937-8-22%
98FMBrian Maher19.00-21.00109111%
15Q414Q4+/-Ch %
FM104Strawberry Alarm06.00-10.008286-4-5%
FM104The 10-3 Show10.00-15.008788-1-1%
FM104The Jam15.00-19.006776-9-12%
FM104It’s Your Call19.00-21.001415-1-7%
FM104FM104 Phoneshow21.00-01.003027311%
15Q414Q4+/-Ch %
NewstalkPat Kenny10.00-12.305763-6-10%
NewstalkThe Right Hook16.30-19.005850816%
15Q414Q4+/-Ch %
Q102Breakfast Show06.00-09.002122-1-5%
Q102Liam Coburn09.00-13.003641-5-12%
Q102David Harrington13.00-17.003947-8-17%
Q102Aidan Cooney17.00-19.002128-7-25%
15Q414Q4+/-Ch %
RTE1Morning Ireland07.00-09.0016916453%
RTE1Ryan Tubridy09.00-10.0012512054%
RTE1Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.001461311511%
RTE1Ronan Collins12.00-13.00969333%
RTE1News At One13.00-13.451241061817%
RTE1Ray D’Arcy15.00-16.30726669%
15Q414Q4+/-Ch %
SpinFully Charged07.00-09.454941820%
SpinNikki Hayes09.45-12.45353500%
SpinSpin Talk12.45-14.454144-3-7%
SpinSteve K14.45-18.458687-1-1%
SpinThe Zoo Crew18.45-21.003125624%
15Q414Q4+/-Ch %
Today FMIan Dempsey07.00-09.00424025%
Today FMAnton Savage09.00-12.003940-1-3%
Today FMDermot and Dave12.00-14.301916319%
Today FMLouise Duffy14.30-16.301715213%
Today FMMatt Cooper16.30-19.002832-4-13%
2FMBreakfast Republic07.00-10.0038
2FMNicky Byrne10.00-14.0030
2FMTracy Clifford14.00-16.0018
2FMEoghan Mc Dermot16.00-19.0018

Note: I had a malfunction earlier (! aka stopped thinking) and posted spurious figures in the table above. Thanks to Brian Lee for catching that.

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