JNLR 2015Q4 Cork Listenership

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Cork was akin to a bare-knuckle scrap in the last few books  – now it looks like a mismatch and no rematch in the contract. RedFM pulled away, yet again, to 133,000 or 32% reach having added 34,000 listener’s in the year (+34%) and a more conservative 8,000 or 6% in the last quarter. Cork’s 96FM is the ultimate victim in this fight dropping 17,000 on the year (-13%) but managing to keep it steady in the last quarter. Consider, if you will, that in mid ’13 they were at an untouchable 174,000 listeners per day, 70,000 ahead of their nearest rival RTE1.

C103 also felt a bit of pain too dropping 4,000 on the year and managing a gain of 1,000 in the last quarter.

Table: Cork Listenership
Year on YearBook on Book
Any Radio34084%34183%-10%34384%-3-1%
Any National17542%17342%21%17142%42%
Red FM13332%9924%3434%12532%86%
96 FM11327%13031%-17-13%11427%-1-1%
Radio 110124%8922%1213%9324%89%
Today FM4912%5313%-4-8%5012%-1-2%
4 FM4411%3910%513%4211%25%
Lyric FM164%174%-1-6%174%-1-6%

Below is a quick look at the programmes that are in the main Cork Stations.

Table: Cork Program Details
StationProgrammeTime15Q415Q3+/- ’00+/- %
C103Colum McGrath06.00-10.002729-2-6.9%
C103Patricia Messenger10.00-13.003839-1-2.6%
96FMNick Richards06.00-09.004950-1-2.0%
96FMPJ Coogan09.00-12.006671-5-7.0%
96FMKen Tobin12.00-16.005658-2-3.4%
Red FMThe KC Show06.00-09.00413925.1%
Red FMNeil Prendeville09.00-12.00686446.3%
Red FMPhilip Bourke12.00-16.00615658.9%
Table: Cork Shares
RED FM22.30%20.40%1.90%
RTE RADIO 118.30%17.20%1.10%
TODAY FM6.60%7.10%-0.50%
RTE 2FM5.20%4.90%0.30%
RTE LYRIC FM1.50%1.80%-0.30%

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