JNLR 2015Q3 Regionals and Local

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There’s a lot in the regional and locals so I’m simply going to provide the ammunition: those who want can fire the bullets. All regional stations are performing well against the nationals but still have a way to go before they reach the “home local” grouping in their respective franchises. You can see from the table below where each of the national stations rank in the various franchises. It shows that, in the main, they would be second to the home locals, ahead of RTE1, in all areas, bar one.

Home Local1111
RTE Radio 12333
Today FM3444
RTE Lyric FM7777

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The approach for the locals was a little different this time out. I’ve grouped all the non-national stations onto one block and compared them to their results in the last twelve months(14Q3). The table can be sorted and you can look at any of the grouped franchises together or by any of the dimensions you please.

FranchiseStation15Q314Q3+/-+/- %
NationalRTE Radio 1868837314%
NationalToday FM453463-10-2%
NationalRTE 2FM394366288%
DublinSpin 103814713897%
NationalRTE Lyric FM134142-8-6%
Multi CityClassic Hits 4FM1281111715%
NWiRadio NW12511876%
CorkCork’s Red FM125883742%
CorkCork’s 96FM114134-20-15%
DublinDublin’s 98FM10610333%
NEiRadio NE1019922%
SWBeat 102-103FM9599-4-4%
SWSpin South West9586910%
Dub CommuteRadio Nova 100FM81661523%
LocalMidlands 1036465-1-2%
LocalGalway Bay FM6368-5-7%
LocalLimerick Live 956266-4-6%
LocalHighland Radio6162-1-2%
LocalRadio Kerry5860-2-3%
DublinSunshine 106.857381950%
LocalMid West Radio5761-4-7%
LocalSouth East Radio4843512%
LocalNorthern Sound4541410%
LocalTipp FM4243-1-2%
LocalClare FM424200%
LocalKCLR 96FM4142-1-2%
LocalWLR FM3842-4-10%
LocalOcean FM363513%
LocalEast Coast FM3136-5-14%
DublinPhantom 105.2FM202000%


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