JNLR 2015Q3 National Listenership

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The national picture shows that radio listenership is still in a healthy position with a reach of 83% of the population every day. While this is up 18,000 on the previous year (14Q3) it’s down marginally (3,000) on the previous book (15Q2). That small slippage also had the affect of moving the point reach from 84% in 15Q2 to 83% this time out.

On a station by station basis most gained year on year and fell on a book on book analysis. RTE1 is still the dominant force reaching 24% of the population every day or 868,000 people which is up on yearly and book on book – an increase of 4%.

Today FM comes in second on a 13% reach with 453,000 on average tuning in every day. This is down slightly year (2% or 10,000) on year and marginally on the book. But in all counts it still hangs on to the 13% reach.

Newstalk regained third birth from the last survey on 11% and just shades 2FM on 402,000. While they had monster growth on year on year basis they only gained 1,000 compared to 15Q2.  
2FM is up 28,000 on the year to 394,000 or 11% but was down 8,000 from the last survey.  Lyric comes in a 4% (134,000) and is ahead on the last survey by 3,000.

Table : National Reach
 Year on YearBook On Book
Station15Q3 14Q3 +/-+/-Ch15Q2+/-+/-Ch
Any Radio83%3004 83%2986 0%181%84%3007-1%-30%
Any National46%1652 46%1638 0%141%46%16570%-50%
Home Local Station42%1522 42%1501 0%211%42%15210%10%
Any RTE Radio35%1247 34%1212 1%353%35%12520%-50%
RTE Radio 124%868 23%837 1%314%24%8630%51%
Today FM13%453 13%463 0%-10-2%13%4570%-4-1%
Newstalk11%402 10%376 1%267%11%4010%10%
RTE 2FM11%394 10%366 1%288%11%4020%-8-2%
Regional/Local8%273 8%272 0%10%7%2601%135%
RTE Lyric FM4%134 4%142 0%-8-6%4%1310%32%

Note: The +/- are absolute: RTE1 added 1% point from 23% to 24%. It added 31,000 listeners which is a 4% increase (ch).      

 Table : National Reach – Quarterly 
Any Radio300483%300784%300984%300684%298683%298283%296983%
Any National165246%165746%167046%164246%163846%164146%161845%
Any RTE Radio124735%125235%124135%121434%121234%121634%121734%
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric123134%123534%121734%119333%119133%119533%119933%
RTE Radio 186824%86324%84323%83623%83723%84924%84524%
RTE 2FM39411%40211%40011%37510%36610%36610%37610%
RTE Lyric FM1344%1314%1384%1374%1424%1384%1284%
Today FM45313%45713%47613%46013%46313%45813%44212%
Home Local Station152242%152142%151542%153443%150142%149742%149142%
Regional/Local Station2738%2607%2728%2788%2728%2667%2617%
Graphic: National Reach

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The shares are still the fairly reliable metric in the surveys. The only highlights would be that Today FM, on an annual basis, lost 1.1% share but managed to retain that number survey on survey. Book on book 2FM managed to drop a third of a point and RTE1 gained nearly a half point

 Year On YearBook on Book
Any Radio100.00%100.00%0.00%100.00%0.00%
Any National46.00%46.60%-0.60%45.90%0.10%
Any RTE Radio31.50%31.40%0.10%31.50%0.00%
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric31.00%30.60%0.40%30.90%0.10%
RTE Radio 122.30%22.10%0.20%21.90%0.40%
RTE 2FM6.80%6.60%0.20%7.10%-0.30%
RTE Lyric FM1.90%2.00%-0.10%1.90%0.00%
Today FM7.90%9.00%-1.10%7.90%0.00%
Any Region/Local/M-City54.00%53.40%0.60%54.10%-0.10%
Home Local Station39.50%38.50%1.00%39.50%0.00%
Other Regional/Local Station4.20%5.00%-0.80%4.40%-0.20%
Graphic: Shares

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 Day Parts

A look at the day parts only confirms the dominance of RTE1

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