JNLR 2015Q3 Dublin Listenership

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Dublin radio reach is slightly below the national figure at 81% and represents 829,000 adults per day. The trend in Dublin was not so healthy and back at the start of 2014 where the reach was only 78%. So there’s been somewhat of a mini resurgence in listenership over the last few books as it clawed back to 81%.

The biggest player in the Dublin market is RTE1 with a reach of 302,000 or 30%. It’s trailed by FM104, having made some ground over the last few books and are now reaching 194,000 listeners every day. This is an increase of 6,000 book on book and 12,000 on the year.

Following them is Newstalk at 170,000. Their good fortunes have slowed in the last few books and they were at one point only 10,000 off the second Dublin slot only two surveys back. This has now drifted put to a 24,000 gap with FM104 in this book. They added 8,000 in the capital on the year but didn’t see any takers at all book on book remaining at their previous figure of 170,000. You can see their individual programmes and Dublin listenership in the table below.

Making good gains in this book are Sunshine and Nova – 19,000 and 10,000 gains respectively. The fortunes of 2FM are not as bountiful. Despite the musical chairs and an emphasis on Dublin presenters of late, it hasn’t yielded much by the way of Dublin traffic. The station only managed to secure an extra 1,000 listeners in the capital over the past year and even managed to drop of 2,000 listeners book on book. It currently has the lowest proportion of Dublin listeners of all the national stations, standing at 19%, and this is probably what drove the station thinking to a more Dublin centric format over the last twelve months.

There’s mixed fortunes for the other stations which you can see in the tables/graphs below (all tables with yellow headings are sortable).

Table: Dublin Reach
 15Q315Q314Q314Q3+/-+/-Ch 15Q215Q2+/-+/-Ch
Any Radio82981%81580%141%2% 83281%-30%0%
Any National49448%47246%222%5% 50149%-7-1%-1%
Any RTE Radio37236%35435%181%5% 37737%-5-1%-1%
RTE Radio 130230%28028%222%8% 30530%-30%-1%
FM 10419419%18218%121%7% 18818%61%3%
Newstalk17017%16216%81%5% 17017%00%0%
Spin 103814714%13814%90%7% 14915%-2-1%-1%
98FM10610%1039%31%3% 10510%10%1%
Today FM949%879%70%8% 9910%-5-1%-5%
Q102899%828%71%9% 879%20%2%
RTE 2FM747%737%10%1% 767%-20%-3%
RTE Lyric FM555%616%-6-1%-10% 586%-3-1%-5%
Nova 100FM*626%525%101%19% 565%61%11%
Sunshine 106.8576%384%192%50% 555%21%4%
Classic Hits 4FM333%374%-4-1%-11% 353%-20%-6%
Phantom 105.2FM202%202%00%0% 222%-20%-9%

*Nova’s franchise is the Dublin Commuter where it reaches 88,000 listeners a day up 23% on the previous year.    

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The shares are self explanatory:

Table: Dublin Shares
 Year On Year Book on Book
 15Q314Q3+/- 15Q2+/-
RTE Radio 134.0%32.5%1.5% 33.8%0.2%
FM10411.0%11.7%-0.7% 11.1%-0.1%
Newstalk10.4%10.7%-0.3% 10.3%0.1%
Spin 10387.0%7.0%0.0% 7.1%-0.1%
Dublin’s 98FM6.2%6.1%0.1% 6.4%-0.2%
Q1026.1%6.0%0.1% 5.2%0.9%
Today FM5.9%6.1%-0.2% 6.2%-0.3%
Sunshine 106.84.4%2.5%1.9% 4.0%0.4%
RTE 2FM4.1%5.4%-1.3% 4.5%-0.4%
Nova 100FM3.8%3.8%0.0% 3.5%0.3%
RTE Lyric FM3.1%3.4%-0.3% 3.2%-0.1%
Classic Hits 4FM2.3%2.3%0.0% 2.6%-0.3%
TXFM0.8%1.3%-0.5% 1.0%-0.2%
Graph: Dublin Shares

dub shares2

Finally a look at what the capital tunes into – weekday only. Below are the top thirty most listened to programmes with a comparison on the previous book and the previous year. The first six slots are taken up by RTE1and they have eight of the top thirty. Newstalk have five. FM104 and Spin have four slots, 98FM have three and Q102 and Today FM have two. 2FM has one, as does Nova.

Table: Dublin Top 30
ShowTimeStation15Q315Q214Q3Y on YB on B
Morning Ireland07.00-09.00RTE11671681616-1
Seán O’Rourke10.00-12.00RTE1147144127203
Ryan Tubridy09.00-10.00RTE112512012325
News At One13.00-13.45RTE1117111104136
Ronan Collins12.00-13.00RTE197979160
Steve K14.45-18.45Spin91908381
The 10-3 Show10.00-15.00FM10487878700
Strawberry Alarm Clock06.00-10.00FM10486837973
The Jam15.00-19.00FM104727079-72
The Ray D’Arcy Show15.00-16.30RTE1666269-34
The Right Hook16.30-19.00News/T615844173
Pat Kenny10.00-12.30News/T585665-72
Barry Dunne12.00-16.0098FM47424345
Dave Harrington13.00-17.00Q10247434344
Fully Charged07.00-09.45Spin45434232
Liam Coburn09.00-13.00Q10244393595
Ian Dempsey07.00-09.00Today414442-1-3
Anton Savage09.00-12.00Today4143410-2
Spin Talk12.45-14.45Spin404242-2-2
The Ray Foley Show07.00-10.0098FM373841-4-1
Pat Courtenay14.00-19.00Nova34322862
FM104 Phoneshow21.00-01.00FM10433282675
Dublin Talks10.00-12.0098FM33333210
Nikki Hayes09.45-12.45Spin333335-20

An interesting figure falls out of the table below. The top five Dublin weekday programmes are the same as the national preference, but just not in the same order.

Whereas Dublin listenership would constitute 28% of the total radio audience, the top five national programmes rely heavily on the Dublin audience – or, to put it another way, attract a disproportionate audience from the capital.

 DublinNationalDublinNational% Dublin
Radio Yesterday##829300428%
Morning Ireland1116743938%
Seán O’Rourke2314732845%
Ryan Tubridy3512530741%
News At One4411732536%

Really finally: How the Dublin Stations cluster.


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