JNLR 2015Q2 Top Thirty

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The fallers are very much in the preserve of RTE1 in this book with four of the five fallers from the national broadcaster. But the top drop slot is reserved for Anton Savage on Today FM whose time slot dropped 29,000 (-13%) on the year. It’s only fair to point out that the comparative for Anton below in 14Q2 was Ray D’Arcy. Also fair is that the book on book is Anton V Anton (see “book on book” table below), so read into that as you will.

You’ll also see in the fallers is the Mooney/D’Arcy slot but it’s also on the rise on a book on book basis – so the overlapping will be confusing until the dust settles. RTE1 afternoons are a real issue for the station with their three post lunch slots in the defaulters list.

ProgrammeStationDay15Q214Q2+/-000+/- %
Anton SavageTodayW/D194223-29-13%

The fairly spectacular year on year gain is Tubridy with a 33% increase, but that eases considerably on abook on book basis. Again for the notes: There is a marginal time difference between ’15 and ’14. Tubridy kicks off at 8:45am these days as opposed to the 9:00am accredited to the show in 14Q2. A minuscule change in terms of time, but I think momentous in terms of keeping the hands off the buttons/dial at the 9:00am crossroads as the listeners would be already locked in. 

The other gains are across the boards with the only other weekday after Tubridy is Breakfast on Newstalk which added 18% on the year.

ProgrammeStationDay15Q214Q2+/-000+/- %
This WeekRTE1Sun2201813922%
Doc. on OneRTE1Sat2302052512%
Phil CawleyTodaySat1531332015%

This time out there are two tables below, both sortable by clicking the column title in either table. The second table below is a new entrant here and is the current top 30 programmes, but pitted against their results in the previous survey (book on book).

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Just some notables: Pat Kenny just missed out on the table this time out, the Very Last word crept into the table and George Hook threw the right and knocked Cooper back to the third ‘evening’ slot on an audience points decision of 143 to 141.

Top Thirty Year on Year:
#ProgrammeStationDayTime15Q214Q2+/-000+/- %+/- #
1Morning IrelandRTE1W/D07.00-09.00433438-5-1%0
2Marian FinucaneRTE1Sat11.00-13.00373363103%1
4Marian FinucaneRTE1Sun11.00-13.00337349-12-3%0
5Sean O’RourkeRTE1W/D10.00-12.00317307103%2
6News at OneRTE1W/D13.00-13.45314330-16-5%-1
7John MurrayRTE1W/D09.00-10.00296313-17-5%-1
8The BusinessRTE1Sat10.00-11.00280298-18-6%0
10Miriam MeetsRTE1Sun10.00-11.00262247156%0
11Documentary on OneRTE1Sat13.00-14.002302052512%6
12Sunday MiscellanyRTE1Sun09.00-10.00221236-15-6%0
13This WeekRTE1Sun13.00-14.002201813922%7
15Ronan CollinsRTE1W/D12.00-13.00214218-4-2%-1
16Anton SavageTodayW/D09.00-12.00194223-29-13%-3
20Ian DempseyTodayW/D07.00-09.00183196-13-7%-2
22Sunday SportRTE1Sun14.00-18.00173179-6-3%-1
24World ReportRTE1Sun08.00-09.00154155-1-1%-2
25Phil CawleyTodaySat11.00-14.001531332015%2
26Nicky Byrne2FMW/D11.00-14.0015014553%-1
27The Right HookN/TW/D16.30-19.001431232016%2
28Matt CooperTodayW/D16.30-19.00141155-14-9%-6
29Very Last WordTodaySat08.00-11.001381191916%1
30Premier League LiveTodaySat14.00-18.0013513232%-2


Top Thirty Book on Book:
#ProgrammeStationDayTime15Q215Q1+/-000+/- %
1Morning IrelandRTE1W/D07.00-09.00433417164%
2Marian FinucaneRTE1Sat11.00-13.0037336672%
4Marian FinucaneRTE1Sun11.00-13.0033733521%
5Sean O’RourkeRTE1W/D10.00-12.00317303145%
6News at OneRTE1W/D13.00-13.4531430772%
7John MurrayRTE1W/D09.00-10.0029628793%
8The BusinessRTE1Sat10.00-11.00280269114%
10Miriam MeetsRTE1Sun10.00-11.00262241219%
11Documentary on OneRTE1Sat13.00-14.00230220105%
12Sunday MiscellanyRTE1Sun09.00-10.0022121294%
13This WeekRTE1Sun13.00-14.002201952513%
15Ronan CollinsRTE1W/D12.00-13.0021420863%
16Anton SavageTodayW/D09.00-12.00194212-18-8%
20Ian DempseyTodayW/D07.00-09.00183194-11-6%
22Sunday SportRTE1Sun14.00-18.0017316942%
24World ReportRTE1Sun08.00-09.0015415132%
25Phil CawleyTodaySat11.00-14.00153143107%
26Nicky Byrne2FMW/D11.00-14.0015015000%
27The Right HookN/TW/D16.30-19.0014313854%
28Matt CooperTodayW/D16.30-19.00141153-12-8%
29Very Last WordTodaySat08.00-11.0013813532%
30Premier League LiveTodaySat14.00-18.0013512875%