JNLR 2014 Q2 Regional/Local Stations

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Turning to regional and local now: In terms of regional stations they face stiff and very localised competition from the home local stations in their respective franchises. Add to this the competition from the national broadcasters and you really have your work cut out for you. But, in the main, each of the Regional Stations is tracking in the right direction.

Beat 102 in the Southwest franchise still manages to keep RTE1 at bay and is making gains on the Home Local stations. Its impossible to make or try and draw comparisons as each franchise dynamic is completely different. For example, the franchise universe differs radically across franchises from a low of 394,000 in the Southeast to 679,000 in the Northeast.

The only way to get a view on these franchises is to cycle through the tabs below and see what’s happening in each region.


Finally the Home local and Cork. Big percentage falls for Tipp FM and Galway Bay FM along with Ocean, KFM and Cork96. On the other hand there were big gains for East Coast and C103.

Highland RadioNth Donegal6464%6665%6967%-2-3%
Mid West RadioMayo6263%6059%6059%23%
Radio KerryKerry5951%5951%5749%00%
Clare FMClare4246%4347%4347%-1-2%
Limerick’s Live 95FMLimerick6745%6945%6945%-2-3%
WLR FMWaterford4145%4146%4045%00%
Ocean FMDonegal/Leit3444%4151%3948%-7-17%
Shann/Northern SndRN/LD/LM/CN/MN8544%7940%9145%68%
South East RadioWexford4540%4035%4439%513%
Midlands 103FMLaois/Off/WM6836%6735%6836%11%
KCLR 96FMKilk/Carlow4235%4135%4538%12%
Tipp FMTipperary4234%5141%6150%-9-18%
Galway Bay FMGalway6132%7539%9246%-14-19%
East Coast FMWicklow3432%2635%3029%831%
LM FMLouth/Meath5524%5825%5825%-3-5%
K FMKildare3522%4024%3824%-5-13%
Cork’s 96/C103Cork19647%21653%19948%-20-9%
Cork’s 96FMCork14034%17442%14535%-34-20%
Cork’s Red FMCork7919%7217%8020%710%

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