JNLR 2013 Q4 Top 30

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This is the top 30, and to be honest shakes up a bit of interest and it’s the portion of the survey that the rest of the media, mainly print media, pick up on. The big gains come from the two Sport slots on RTE at the weekend and Claire Byrne on a Saturday.

It’s a fact of like that schedules change, so where possible the asterisk denotes that the comparison has changed.

Fallers in Today’s schedule were for the KC Show and Phil Cawley shows and Drivetime and Playback on dropped on RTE1. Joe Duffy maintained his number two slot to Morning Ireland but the gap has widened again to a 50, 000 difference (it was just above 20,000 at one point). Marian is resurgent in the Sunday slot moving five places from #9 to #4.

Other than the odd change here and there the leader board remains roughly the same as last year.

StatTime  Prog  20132012000%#2013#2012
RTE 107.00-09.00Morning Ireland44944182%11
RTE 113.45-15.00Liveline399420-21-5%22
RTE 1 Sat11.00-13.00Marian Finucane376363134%33
RTE 1 Sun11.00-13.00Marian Finucane3533054816%49
RTE 113.00-13.45News at One349360-11-3%54
RTE 110.00-12.00P.K./S.O’R.32732162%67
RTE 109.00-10.00John Murray32432310%76
RTE 1 Sat10.00-11.00The Business322334-12-4%85
RTE 1 Sat09.00-10.00Playback290316-26-8%98
RTE 1 Sun10.00-11.00Miriam Meets261268-7-3%1010
RTE 116.30-19.00Drivetime242265-23-9%1111
RTE 1 Sun09.00-10.00Sunday Miscellany241257-16-6%1212
Today 09.00-12.00Ray D’Arcy Show230243-13-5%1413
RTE 112.00-13.00Ronan Collins230211199%1316
RTE 1 Sat08.00-09.00Countrywide22822263%1514
RTE 1 Sat13.00-14.00Claire Byrne2261923418%1617
RTE 115.00-16.30Mooney219221-2-1%1715
Today 07.00-09.00Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show189175148%1819
RTE 1 Sat14.00-18.00Sport*1851424330%1925
RTE 1 Sun13.00-14.00This Week177192-15-8%2018
RTE 1 Sun14.00-18.00Sport1711373425%2126
RTE 1 Sun08.00-09.00World Report 16116011%2220
Today 16.30-19.00The Last Word16016000%2321
2FM 09.00-11.00Tubridy152160-8-5%2422
2FM 07.00-09.00Breakfast With Hector1361241210%2530
Today Sat11.00-14.00Phil Cawley135152-17-11%2623
2FM 11.00-13.00Colm Hayes13413132%2727
Today Sat14.00-18.00Sport13312765%2829
Newstalk16.30-19.00The Right Hook130131-1-1%2928
Today 12.00-14.30The KC Show126151-25-17%3024



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