JNLR 2013 Q4 National Listenership

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The National picture has been more or less static in terms of overall Radio listenership for the past few surveys. In this survey it’s down from a 84% reach to 83% reach on the same period last year but stable on the previous survey. 

Looking at the individual stations RTE1 dropped 19,000 listeners but kept its percentage reach, as did most stations in the survey. 2FM and Lyric saw marginal increases over the year but Today FM dropped a small 9,000 listeners.

The big winner (and spender) over the last twelve months was Newstalk gaining 30,000 listeners in the twelve months, 21,000 of which can be attributed to betweeen this survey and the last and the introduction of Pat Kenny to the station one would speculate. They stay in single digits in terms of reach at 9%, but have managed an impressive 11% increase in audience over the year. 

The big faller has been the home local stations who collectively lost 106,000 listeners or 7% of their audience over the year.

Station13_4 12_4 +/-+/-3+/- 
Any Radio83%2,97284%3,028-1%-56-2%
Any National45%1,63245%1,6350%-30%
Any RTE Radio34%1,23234%1,2280%40%
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric34%1,21434%1,2130%10%
RTE Radio 124%84924%8680%-19-2%
Today FM13%46113%4700%-9-2%
RTE 2FM11%39411%3820%123%
RTE Lyric FM4%1273%1161%119%
Home Local Station41%1,48844%1,594-3%-106-7%
Local Station7%2647%2600%42%


Market Shares

The shares are very static but there were some gains for RTE1 and Newstalk and falls for 2FM, Today FM and the Home Local Stations.

Any Radio100.0%100.0%0.0%
Any National47.0%47.0%0.0%
Any RTE Radio33.0%32.7%0.3%
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric32.4%32.3%0.1%
RTE Radio 123.4%22.9%0.5%
Today FM9.1%9.7%-0.6%
RTE 2FM7.3%7.7%-0.4%
RTE Lyric FM1.7%1.7%0.0%
Any Region/Local/M-City53.0%53.0%0.0%
Home Local Station39.2%40.5%-1.3%
Other Regional/Local Station4.9%4.2%0.7%


Hourly Reach

The hourly reach just confirms the dominance of the national station accross the day.


07:00 to 13:00. Dominated by RTE1 in the morning and again up to the lunchtime news:
12:00 to 18:00: Big surge for Lunchtime which spills over into Joe Duffy but tails off for Mooney and picks up again for Drivetime.
18:00 to 23:00: Really it’s a race to the bottom in terms of listeners.


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