JNLR 2013 Q3 Top 30

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This is the portion of the report that seems to get the most attention in the media, especially the print media. It’s how the individual programmes performed in the survey in comparison to last year’s numbers.
We have (in the spirit of Top of the Pops!) two new entrants with Dave Fanning and Today FM Saturday Sport joining the top 30. The biggest faller was The Business dropping 24,000 and Tubridy dropping 23,000.

RTE Saturday Sport was the biggest winner but the times are marginally different this year, the show being half an hour longer.
Morning Ireland is still the most listened to show outgunning the pretender to that throne, Joe Duffy, by some 35,000 listeners. Twenty of the top thirty programmes come courtesy of RTE1, underlining the stations dominance.

StationDayTimeProgramme2013_32012_3+/-# 13_3# 12_3
RTEW/D07.00-09.00Morning Ireland448441711
RTESat11.00-13.00Marian Finucane370388-1833
RTEW/D13.00-13.45News at One362366-444
RTESun11.00-13.00Marian Finucane3463252156
RTEW/D10.00-12.00Today With Pat Kenny3343211367
RTEW/D09.00-10.00John Murray325318778
RTESat10.00-11.00The Business319343-2485
RTESun10.00-11.00Miriam Meets27626791010
RTESun09.00-10.00Sunday Miscellany245252-71212
RTEW/D12.00-13.00Ronan Collins234210241316
TODAYW/D09.00-12.00The Ray D’Arcy Show231249-181413
RTESat13.00-14.00Brian Dowling/Claire Byrne226208181517
RTESun13.00-14.00This Week18818711819
TODAYW/D07.00-09.00Ian Dempsey180189-91918
RTESun08.00-09.00World Report 16315672122
TODAYW/D16.30-19.00Matt Cooper158170-122321
2FMW/D11.00-13.00Colm Hayes135137-22526
NEWSTALK W/D16.30-19.00The Right Hook135136-12627
TODAYW/D12.00-14.30KC Show132153-212723
2FMSat10.00-12.00Dave Fanning1271101729
2FMW/D07.00-09.00Breakfast With Hector124138-143025

*Donates a different time slot in comparison to the previous survey. For the top 30 I left Pat Kenny in RTE1 at 10:00 as he spent the vast majority of that survey in the station.     

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