JNLR 2013 Q3 Dublin Listenership

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Overall listenership in Dublin dropped marginally by 8,000 to 809,000 and a reach of 80%. The Dublin landscape is very interesting and changeable each survey. Again the caveat here is certainly to take into account the comparison between surveys, but also to look at the bigger picture of where a station is trending over a few surveys.

RTE1 dominates the Dublin listenership with 286,000 listeners and a 28% reach. Its closest rival is FM104 at 207,000 (20%) down 19,000 on the same survey last year. Spin is a distant third at 13% or 135,000 back 23,000 on 2012 Q3 and 98FM is down by 33,000 to 81,000 and three percentage points as well.  Today FM still struggles in the capital only managing 77,000 as does 2FM with a none too spectacular 66,000

Station13_413_412_412_413 v 1213 v 12
RTE Radio 128628%28528%10%
FM 10420720%22622%-19-2%
Spin 103813513%15815%-23-2%
Today FM778%8411%-7-3%
RTE 2FM667%777%-110%
RTE Lyric FM495%515%-20%
Radio Nova 100FM475%454%21%
Sunshine 106.8303%332%-31%
Classic Hits 4FM293%213%80%
Phantom 105.2FM172%151%21%

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Market Shares

RTE Radio 134.60%32.80%1.80%
Spin 10387.30%8.10%-0.80%
Today FM5.80%6.10%-0.30%
RTE 2FM4.80%5.90%-1.10%
Radio Nova 100FM3.80%2.70%1.10%
RTE Lyric FM2.70%2.70%0.00%
Sunshine 106.82.50%2.60%-0.10%
Classic Hits 4FM2.30%1.10%1.20%
Phantom 105.2FM1.00%0.70%0.30%

The market shares have to be looked at in two ways, with and without RTE1 on the graphs because it’s dominance in Dublin somewhat distorts the picture:In this survey, in terms of shares, the big winner was Newstalk having gained to spots to third place in the share table and also RTE1 who increased their share by nearly 2% to 34.6%

share133 all 

If we remove RTE1 from the graph we get a better picture of the struggle underneath. The dominance of FM104 in the shares looks like it’s on the wane but none of the other popular stations seems to have picked up any share bar perhaps a small increase for Spin. Newstalk has been doing well in Dublin over the last few surveys and continues to make listenership gains. When the full force of Pat Kenny begins to reveal itself in the numbers, Newstalk will push on even further.

In the last survey in 2010 98FM held the highest share in the metropolis at 11.6% – they are currently at 5.4% and only marginally ahead of 2FM (the smaller station don’t feature in the graphic) – it’s staggering what can happen over a short period of time.

share133 xrte

If you want to see how the stations perform across the day in Dublin, here it is graphically. They are split into graphs:

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