JNLR 2013_2 Top 30

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Looking at the top thirty programmes only six slots are taken up by an non RTE programmes. The biggest ‘independent’ programme is Ray D’Arcy at 235,000 followed by Ian Dempsey in at 168,000 listeners.  

Morning Ireland managed to put a bit of daylight over Joe Duffy by adding 6,000 while Joe dropped 7,000 – the gap now stands at 29,000.  Marian Finucane’s shows on Saturday and Sunday dropped 12,000 and 13,000 respectively.  Actually the morning slots on RTE1 on both days seem to be losing ground to elsewhere.

The rest of the figures you can pick the bones out of yourselves!

ProgrammeTimeStation13_212_2+/-+/- %#13_2#12_2# +/-
Morning Ireland07.00-09.00RTE145044461.4%11
Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE1 w/e Sat372384-12-3.1%33
News at One13.00-13.45RTE136535782.2%44
John Murray09.00-10.00RTE133032730.9%58-3
Today With Pat Kenny10.00-12.00RTE132832800.0%67-1
Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE1 w/e Sun328341-13-3.8%66
The Business10.00-11.00RTE1 w/e Sat320348-28-8.0%853
Playback09.00-10.00RTE1 w/e Sat295315-20-6.3%99
Miriam Meets10.00-11.00RTE1 w/e Sun270271-1-0.4%1010
The Ray D’Arcy Show09.00-12.00TODAY235255-20-7.8%1213-1
Sunday Miscellany09.00-10.00RTE1 w/e Sun227259-32-12.4%13112
Countrywide08.00-09.00RTE1 w/e Sat22121920.9%1516-1
Ronan Collins12.00-13.00RTE1218222-4-1.8%16151
Claire Byrne13.00-14.30RTE1 w/e Sat214216-2-0.9%1717
This Week13.00-14.00RTE1 w/e Sun189195-6-3.1%1818
Ian Dempsey07.00-09.00TODAY168189-21-11.1%1919
World Report 08.00-09.00RTE1 w/e Sun15815800.0%2123-2
Sport*14.30-18.00RTE1 w/e Sat1571322518.9%2229-7
Matt Cooper16.30-19.00TODAY151174-23-13.2%23212
Sunday Sport14.00-18.00RTE1 w/e Sun14614600.0%2425-1
Colm Hayes11.00-13.002FM139141-2-1.4%2527-2
KC Show12.00-14.30TODAY137153-16-10.5%26242
The Right Hook16.30-19.00NEWSTALK13413043.1%2730-3
Breakfast With Hector07.00-09.002FM126130-4-3.1%2830-2

Phil Crawley

12.00-14.00Today w/e Sat124167-43-25.7%29227
Premier League Live14.00-18.00Today w/e Sat122142-20-14.1%30264

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